How To Find The Best Place To Shoot A Deer?

Every passionate hunter aspires to kill the target in one shot. Is it so difficult? The answer is NO. To kill your target in one shot, all you need is the proper aim, and you must also choose the perfect place to shoot the target. 

In the field of hunting, each and every move a hunter makes must be a responsible decision. Even the shots made by you must be efficient enough to kill the target. However, killing the deer in one single shot feels like a trophy. Any hunter can master this skill by knowing the best place to shoot a deer in the best deer hunting time.

How To Find The Best Place To Shoot A Deer


If you also want to know how to make your first shot the most efficient one, you can follow the tips given below.

Where to Shoot a Deer?

One shot and the deer is down

Yes, it is possible to kill a deer in one single shot. All you need is to follow certain steps and beware about the anatomy of the deer. Proper knowledge and practice can make this possible. So, go through the points mentioned below and kill targets in one final shot.

Choose the Right Spot

The first and most important thing are to find the perfect spot. Now, this is not that easy since it varies with your target. The angle from which the hunter is viewing the deer, the distance between the hunter and the deer, the type of gun and many other criteria needs to be taken into account while finalizing any spot.

According to the hunters, the traditional zone which consists of the shoulder area is the best place to shoot the target. This zone focuses the rear side of the shoulder of the target, and hence the hunter gets a wider area to shoot the deer.

Know your Rifle and Load Well

Every rifle is not capable of shooting all kinds of targets. Hence, before you go on a hunting trip make sure you are aware of how your gun operates and its features.

Go through the catalog of the gun and then analyze beforehand that which targets can be shot easily with the rifle and load you are carrying.

Make Proper Judgment of the Distance

The improper judgment of distances often results in failure. If a hunter cannot judge whether the target is 150 yards or 50 yards away the chances of success in the first shot are negligible.

A rangefinder would be of great help to you in such situations. Although they are a bit expensive and difficult to boot but they prove to be helpful in certain conditions.

Or you can also practice judging distances by shooting deer at unknown distances. Try shooting with a rough estimate of distance first and eventually you will start realizing the actual distance between you and your target.

How To Find The Best Place To Shoot A Deer

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The Vital Areas of the Deer Must be Known

The deer anatomy must be very clear to the hunters before they are out for hunting. To kill the deer in one shot you must know the vital areas of the deer so that it is easier for you to aim.

The hunter must not pull the trigger before he aims his shot perfectly or till he is not sure about his shot.

A vital area chart is of great help to the hunters who want to learn the vital areas of a deer. Notice all the organs inside a deer’s body. Locate them and analyze their sizes. Memorize everything well and use this knowledge while you are out to shoot the target.

Few places where you can shoot are:

  • High shoulder
  • Heart- lung
  • ​Brain
  • Neck

There are pros and cons of all organs being shot. However, every hunter must choose either of these areas, since it brings the deer down in one single shot.

How To Find The Best Place To Shoot A Deer

Make the Perfect Shot

To make a single shot count the hunter must be able to judge that which shot will make the deer fall down.

Let us take an example, if the deer is 100 yards away one can shoot it with a 150-grain bullet. If the shot is made with full effort and power it can hit the heart of the deer and kill it.

One needs to be prepared from beforehand to make the shot, and the target should be to hit the vitals of the animal. Deciding which shot must be made in this situation is a bit risky. To make your first shot the killing shot you need to use your presence of mind.

Deer Hunting: 5 Bucks… 5 Neck Shots

The moment you see the trophy is arriving towards you start going through a checklist mentally. Whether this target is a perfect one or not? How far is it from you? Are you in the correct shooting position or not? Is the vital area available for you to hit?

If the answer to all the above questions is positive then shoot the trophy. You must be sure about your shot before you shoot.


With proper practice and determination, everything is possible. The aforementioned tips are easy to read but when the time comes, not all the hunters are able to execute them properly.

Either they shoot the deer which is not near or they also miss the exact point to shoot the deer. Most of the hunters cannot precisely and accurately deliver their shot which again leads to failure.

To make your first shot the killing shot you need lots of practice and patience. For all those who are passionate about hunting this opportunity to kill a target in one simple shot is an achievement for them. Only a true hunter with a great sportsman spirit can skillfully kill the targets in one shot.

So after knowing how to find the best place to shoot a deer, make your first shot the final one.

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