How To Choose The Best Pop-Up Campers? (The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Why spend a huge amount on a pull-along trailer when you can buy the best pop-up campers? A pop camper is a smaller, more efficient version of a pull-along trailer. In fact, it’s lighter to tow, which puts little pressure on the car that’s towing it. And it’s cheaper to buy if you like to keep things simple.

Pop campers are so good and friendly, you’ll want one right away. And this guide will help you choose one that suits your lifestyle. Modern pop-up campers are weather-resistant, durable, and extremely portable. They have all the basic amenities such as a shower, toilet, and a stove.

Modern pop campers offer plenty of storage and lounge areas. So you need something good-looking and versatile.

The Complete Buying Guide to Pop-up Campers


Are you tired of looking for campers that won’t break the bank? There are many fully-featured, versatile, and tough campers on the market. Choosing any of these best pop-up campers can help you for your adventures. They offer flexibility, freedom, and peace of mind.

At the end of it all, you should be able to set up your camper wherever you want. And it must take on a lighter load for your car to tow. That’s the whole point of opting for a pop-up camper and not a traditional pull-along trailer.

Camping gear is constantly evolving and so are your choices. So what’s in it for you? Here is what you need to seriously consider when picking the best pop-up campers.

Considering the Best Pop-up Campers

It’s not easy to buy a good pop-up camper, especially for the first time. But it’s not that difficult to understand why a pop-up camper is a more convenient option for small families.

That said, if you’re looking to cut down on both costs and effort, finding a lightweight pop-up camper is a good option. It reduces the added stress of camping while releasing tons of pressure off of your car. Traditionally, that’s exactly what best pop-up campers are made for.

Benefits of Owning a Pop-up Camper


Portability: You need only a small car to be able to tow a pop-up camper. This can be a small truck, a sedan, or an SUV. The fact that a pop-up camper is so ergonomically built, it doesn’t need a heavy-duty engine as support. As a matter of fact, using a pop-up camper can cut down costs on buying gas. And they’re fairly easy to operate, considering their small and lightweight size.

Comfort: A pop camper can be parked anywhere you want. Unlike a pull-along trailer, you can town a pop camper with your car. As soon as you reach your campsite, all you have to do is unlatch the camper and drive your own car to wherever you’d like to be. It’s that simple and convenient.

User-friendly: Not to mention, pop-up campers have ergonomic and intuitive features. They’re easy to set up, operate, and pull back down. This makes them a valued companion during emergencies and tough weather conditions. Compared to a full-sized RV, setting up a camper is effortless. All you have to do is put up a tent, pull out the camping area, and roll the roof up.

Durable: Modern pull-out trailers do offer tough weather resistance. But two things separate them from a durable, modern pop-up camper. First, the latter is compact so transportability and parking are way easier. Second, pop campers offer external and internal protection. That is also because of the small size.

A pop camper comes with durable, waterproof sides and a hard roof. This offers complete protection against rain. Not to mention, some models offer unzipped sides, so you can take in the fresh air on a clear, windy night.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pop-up Camper


As with any large buy, there are certain things you need to consider before finalizing a model. This makes your living space more comfortable and home-like.

  • Type of Camper

There are three main types of pop campers you need to be aware of.

A tent trailer is a traditional pop-up camper. It’s also the most popular and inexpensive type on the market. It comprises of a box-type camper, lower base, and a fabric-built middle portion. The roof boasts of an adaptable and durable material.

A soft-top tent trailer differs from a typical tent trailer only by its roof. It comprises of a softer, less solid top roof. And also that it’s much lighter than a tent trailer.

The last type of pop-up camper is an A-frame camper. The roof of this model makes an “A” shape, so it’s easy to set up and portable. Many camping enthusiasts opt for an A-frame camper because it is easier to set up and tow in tight spaces. The only drawback is that they’re smaller in size.

How to Buy RV’s & Pop-Up Campers? Purchasing a Pop-Up or Folding Trailer
  • Number of Sleepers

Pop-up campers are not fit to handle a large crowd. So it’s important to find out the number of people that are going to be a part of the camper. This also helps you determine the type and size of a pop-up camper you need.

Some modern campers come with a fixed number of beds, storage space, and alike. You can even choose a particular floor plan for your camper based on the number of sleepers.

  • Towing Capacity

The best pop-up campers are good for small cars including sedans. This is because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. But if you’d like to be sure, checking your vehicle’s towing capacity can help you.

Moving forward, look for an electric brakes configuration on the pop-up camper. Electric brakes, if installed well, can keep both the towing car and camper safe on the road. This is especially helpful during rough weather conditions. Like a rainstorm or a sandstorm.


What’s Next?

Are you buying a used pop-up camper? There’s nothing worse than buying a camper based only on its price, and not quality. Don’t let such a bad purchasing decision ruin your camping experience.

While it’s true that used pop-up campers cost less, you need to be worried enough to ensure no major replacement is needed. Here’s how you can be smart when buying a used pop-up camper. Take a look at the following components of a camper to ensure its quality and durability.

1. The camper floor rot demands a huge amount of cash for repair and replacement. So it’s important to look for a leaking, cracking, or sagging roof.

2. If the camper’s lift system is broken, it means it needs replacing.

3. Or if there are noticeable soft spots in the roof or the floor, it definitely requires replacing.


All this is necessary if you want to know how to get your hands on the best product on the market. I’ve recently discovered that you’ll easily come across campers that look sturdy and claim to be functional. But that’s not the case when put into motion.

In general, buying a new or used pop-up camper isn’t easy. But with such a guide, you finally get an idea of what to look for when purchasing a pop-up camper.

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