Tips On Choosing The Best Snowboard Bindings For Safety

Snowboard bindings are one of the most important things when comes to safe and adventurous riding, and it is important to choose the best snowboard bindings to experience superiority in this field.

Bindings directly connect you with your snowboards and transfer the movements to it according to your muscle activities. Your style and method along with the features of the snowboard have a significant impact on the bindings, and while choosing the right snowboard binding, you must keep some important facts in mind.

Before I talk you into great tips on choosing the best snowboard bindings let me share some facts on bindings that will help you in future.

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Types of Bindings:

There are mainly two types of bindings that are popular in this field.

Strap Type Binding:

This is the most common and used binding that has several advantages over others in the market. They help to notch your feet at the right place for better movement.

The high-back movements can be restricted to this type of binding, and there are various adjustment options as well. They provide excellent cushioning and support that boost up your confidence while riding. They also fit well in both hard and soft flexing boots conveniently.

However, there are certainly some disadvantages of such binding, and I would like to mention them. They are time-consuming because it takes some time to buckle and unbuckle them and they are pretty clumsy especially with gloves on in winter.

Speed Entry Type Binding:

When compared to the previous one, these speed entry bindings are heavy and tend to lower your control over the board. Therefore, whenever you are focusing on performance, you may want to go for the first type.

However, on the bright side, it has several advantages worth mentioning. It comes handy in case of both firm and soft flexing pair of boots. I want to draw you attention to the yoke system in particular which put consistent pressure on the front part your feet and stabilizes it skillfully.

You can put them off and on quickly anytime you want, and they take a little time when compared to strap bindings. The reclining high-back present there is one of the important reason behind its popularity among casual riders.

Although keeping the purposes in mind, the classification of bindings is given below,

  • Freeride binding
  • Freestyle binding
  • ​All-mountain binding
  • Beginner binding

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Bomponents of Bindings

The three most important binding components are,

1. Straps

The bindings that are available in the market shows different strap styles depending on the position of the strap and which part of the foot it is touching. Standard strap styles are,

Switchback Bindings Women's Combo - Small Miller Strap
  • Traditional toe
  • Toe cap
  • ​Hybrid
  • ​One piece
  • Ankle

2. Baseplates

The base plate is the most important part that connects the board with your body and control pressure distributions and other alike parameters while providing excellent support and comfort.

3. High-backs

High-back is known as the vertical plate starting from a cup of the heel and ending at lower calf. It provides great stability and high mobility.

Now let’s come to the most important part where I will tell you how exactly you should choose the most comfortable snowboard bindings to have a quality experience.

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How to Choose the Best Snowboard Bindings?

There are several components that you need to pay attention while choosing the snowboard bindings and I will share my tricks to help you best way possible.



Binding condition:

In bindings, you need to take care of these factors.

1. Straps

Straps are to keep everything at right place be it boots or boards. In recent days, the style and material of bindings have come across revolution, and you experience pain on the pressure points. They also include a strap for toe cap in new products and provide great support, cushioning along with ergonomic adjustments.

While buying the binding, I would suggest you try that on and see the fitting. Strap your boot and then attach it to your board and performs some of the moves to make sure that they don’t fit too tight or loose.

2. Ratchets

As we know, ratchets are the end part of the straps that helps to tighten the equipment and adjust appropriately for confident and safe riding. I advise you to have long ratchets so that you can easily work on even with gloves on.

3. Heel-cups

Heel cups helps you while dealing with grip, therefore, the balance that is the key point of riding. Always prefer to pick one with textured one with high traction and grip. Rubber and alike materials satisfy that requirement

4. High-backs

I would choose my bindings when the high backs satisfy my purpose. In a case of freestyle riding, I would like short high backs (up to ankle) but when it comes to free ride or all- mountain binding, always go for taller ones (up to calf). Moreover, the high backs with forward lean are my personal best choice.

5. Baseplates

Baseplates are critical, and they come in plastic or metal type. I would suggest you plastic of looking for more stretch whereas metal is perfect for firmness. From my personal experiences, I would advise you to pick a binding that has baseplates with support and cushioning. Cushioning just like padding is essential for comfort and relaxation of the muscles. You may have to land on hard surfaces, make sure your baseplate transfer less shock to your feet.

6. Toe ramps

While choosing the snowboard bindings, look for toe ramps that can be adjusted.

snowboard bindings strap in Snowjam black 2014 NEW men bindings up to size 13 men!


In most of the cases, the choosing parameter is always the purpose for which you are choosing the binding. For a free ride, you can use both metal and plastic bindings as they are lightweight and rigid. Carbon high backs are also preferable for free ride purpose.

Another kind of plastic bindings features metal heel cups which can be rigid and flexible at the same time depending upon the need, however; they are bit expensive.

Snowboard Binding Compatibility

While buying the binding make sure it is compatible with your board otherwise no matter how good the binding is, it would be no help.

What to keep on mind while choosing the best snowboard binding?

There are some basic things I would like to mention here which is important while choosing the best snowboard binding.

  • Riding type
  • Which foot you keep in forward position
  • ​How far are you going
  • Which angle do you like best

Now we will talk about five best product available in the market.

Top 5 Picks of Best Snowboard Bindings

Here are five best products which would put an end to your search.

Flux Bindings Snowboard Binding

This snowboard binding from Flux binding is one of my personal favorites. This binding is lightweight, and the t deliberately focuses on the response while offering the customer's stiffness level of 5 and lightness up to 4.

The straps used here are from honeycomb, and they hold your ankle perfectly. The base and wing high back is from Ultima, and the high back provides excellent support while leaning forward.

We Like

  • Lightweight binding
  • Excellent hold near ankle
  • ​Great fit with Burton
  • Back with adjustable height
  • ​Comfortable
  • Durable

We Don't Like

  • Construction could be an issue if you are going with the wrong size.
Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings Men

The interface between board and binding is minimal as not to tamper the flex of the board and that way you experience more natural and smoother ride. Vibration dampening and vaporlite bushing system work as shock absorbent when you have thrilling landings.

Besides, they comfort your legs for long. High backs are light as well as durable and excellent in all surfaces. The 3D connect system distributes the pressure across the foot.

We Like

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Shock absorbent
  • ​Durable and excellent for use on all kind of surfaces
  • Remarkably lightweight binding

We Don't Like

  • Need to take special care of the straps.
Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding Black

This fusion snowboard binding from the Flow is one of the best snowboard available in the market. It offers medium flex, and the adjustments you make includes no tools. It is solely strap based binding. It has plenty of cushions so that you can use it for hours without experiencing any pain.

The active technology associated with the straps lets you put it on and off quicker than usual. It adjusts automatically up to certain level and is compatible with any board.

We Like

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Compatible with any board
  • ​Fits perfectly
  • Easy to put on

We Don't Like

  • The straps should be taken care of properly.
Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings

For best performance, you will always need support, and in snowboard bindings, you need both support and cushioning. This custom snowboard binding by Burton will give you extraordinary riding experience along with safety.

These highly responsive bindings are with smooth glide buckles with toe straps. They are compatible with popular boards and can be used by intermediate to advanced riders.

Freestyle riding is the perfect field where it can show its excellence, and they are shock absorbent for comfortable landing which is healthy for your foot muscles also.

We Like

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Cushions and supports present
  • Compatible with models

We Don't Like

  • Do not come with easy entry technology
Flow Flite Snowboard Binding

There are various products for advanced riders, so here I would like to add one product which is perfect for the beginners. They enhance your performance while providing the right amount of comfort. So sore foot, no accident, say hello to Flite snowboard binding from flow.

This is one of my favorite products. It contains heel pads and inserts; the base plate is plastic rockered, and I must mention the great high back. You may experience great riding experience with these.

We Like

  • Comfortable padding and inserts
  • Durable
  • ​Perfect for beginners
  • Excellent high back

We Don't Like

  • Does not come with easy-open technology.


So far, I have discussed all the important features that you need to know while choosing the best snowboard bindings that will give you exquisite riding experience. Amongst this five products, my personal favorite is Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding Black for its features.

They are light weight and very comfortable. The fitting is great and so is the hold around the ankle. Therefore, choose the best snowboard binding for yourself and have thrilling rides.

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