find your safe drinking water

When you need to fresh drinking water outdoors, try to find a clear, still, source rather than one with a swift current. Let’s I tell you how to find safe drink water in the wildness. Do you know fast-running water tends to hold sediments and contaminating organisms in suspension, both at and beneath the surface? In calm water, sediments and some pathogens have a chance to sink and settle to the bottom. Keep in Mind: Clear water also flows more easily through a filtering or…Continue Reading “How To Find Safe Drinking Water On The Hunting Adventure?”

How to Have a Fun & Safe Picnic

Picnics can be fun, but it is important to understand the potential danger of foodborne illnesses and to guard against them. Ready to grab your backpack or fire up the grill? Make sure food-borne illness won’t sideline your fun. Summer picnics are fun, whether you prepare sandwiches and snacks or go all out and grill outdoors with all the fixings. A day at the beach, hiking a trail, or just a backyard get-together with friends may include food-tasty, nutritious, and hopefully safe from bacteria. Many…Continue Reading “How To Have A Fun And Safe Picnic”

how to paper tune a compound bow

The paper tune is great and at the same time a cheap way to evaluate the arrow’s flight and thus your bow’s performance. It is a perfect solution to finding out the adjustments necessary to your bow if you are not able to manage an expensive, slow motion camera for the job. You should know that tuning is necessary after every change that you make with your bow. So never think that tuning is only required at the first time of use. This article will…Continue Reading “How To Paper Tune A Compound Bow: Everything You Need To Know”

How to Become a Professional Hunter

Hunting is a great passion for many of us those who take it lightly, but do you know that hunting can be a viable profession too? There are many ways in which you can leverage the learning of hunting and make a living with it. So it is not uncommon to see that many people are surviving by hunting. In this article, we are going to discuss how to become a professional hunter. We hope that you could be heard about the great profession about…Continue Reading “How To Become A Professional Hunter?”

How to measure draw length for a bow

Do you expect to learn archery shooting accurately with a draw length that is too small? If you’re using a traditional bow, you’re fine, but what if it’s a compound bow? Compound bows are not built to draw back as much as you like. They can only drawback a small distance, and this particular distance is called the draw length. And it’s how to measure draw length for a bow that we are going to discuss in this article. The components engineered on the bow…Continue Reading “How To Measure Draw Length For A Bow – The Ultimate Guide”

Hunting Tips - How To Make A Silencer Out Of A Water Bottle

Have you ever tried making a silencer from soda bottles, tennis balls, rubber nipples, or even potatoes? If you have, then you know how badly you’ve failed in your attempts at achieving not only a noiseless but also a safer and more accurate experience.But if you are looking to reduce the noise and increase the accuracy for archery, please check out the link here. Such household items do have the tendency to reduce noise but they don’t provide that level of high quality and are…Continue Reading “How To Make A Silencer Out Of A Water Bottle Without Spending Any Money”