How To Choose The Best Compound Bow?

Archery has become a popular sport these days. The movies abound in them and even TV shows do not stand behind in using them in the props. And why not? These are cool weapons and can be used for target shooting and hunting. Also, there are just so many types of bows each with a different set of features. You also get to add accessories to enhance the functionalities.

Due to all this, searching for a compound bow gets very confusing. You are presented with a myriad of options that will leave you muddled among the various options. So here a guide as to how you can choose the best compound bow (5 top picks) for your hunting needs.

Some truths to know about the Best Compound bow

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It is undoubted that the market is flooded with some really good compound bows. Each manufacturer portrays their product to be the best. In fact, all the descriptions say that the particular item is the fastest and quietest and most accurate. Stop back and think how this is possible.

For example, no matter how good a compound bow is, it cannot be both easy to draw and powerful to shoot at the same time. This comes from a very simple rule of physics. You cannot create energy.

So how can you expect that by putting in a small amount of energy, you will be able to create huge amounts of power!

Also, compound bows are historical items. There is no way they can be a tad too fancy. So think for yourself before believing all the hi-fi words you see there.

Things to keep in mind

Now that you have known that all that glitters is not gold, here are a few things that you need to know and check before buying that compound bow.

Draw Weight directly Affects the Power Inflicted

If there are two compound bows of the same draw weight, then the power output will almost be the same. A bow can accelerate an arrow only by the energy stored in your hands which is then transferred to the stock. So for a heavy draw, the power will automatically be large.

What Draw Weight is Perfect for You?

If there are Parallel Limbs, it is Considered Ideal

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In the traditional designs, the compound bows had close to vertical limbs. Thus, when releasing the string, the archer had to accelerate the limbs forward. Thus, a part of this energy used to get transferred to the riser. This eventually leads to a hand shock.

However, in the newer models, the limbs are parallel to each other. Thus, when the string is released, the upper limb accelerated in the upward direction and the lower in the lower direction. Thus, these forces cancel out each other and no excess energy or hand shock happens.

Determining Factors of Power of the Best Compound Bow

The power of a compound bow depends on the draw weight, the weight of the arrow, the draw length, and the brace height. The other factors are simple to comprehend, but if you talk about the brace height, it gets a little tricky to understand.

Let us make that simple for you. If the brace height is less, the shot will be more powerful. In other words, the arrow will accelerate with more FPS.

However, don’t let this face mislead you. As the brace height gets smaller and smaller, the bow gets more and more difficult to shoot. The string moves closer to the riser and thus, you lose the proper technique to make the shot. For beginners, the recommended brace height is 6.5 inches to 7.2 inches.

How to Adjust the Draw Weight on a Compound Bow?

Leader Accessories 25-31 inch Draw Length 70lbs Camo Compound Bow

Let off Percentage

Today, most of the bows have a 75% to 80% let-off percentage. 65% let off is used by the professionals. This stands for the amount of mechanical relaxation that is applied when the string is drawn completely.

Thus, the strength that you need to draw the bow, will be reduced by that much percentage.

Limb Style is not that Important

If you look at it, there are two types of limb styles. You will find solid limbs as well as split limbs. If you are not sure what a split limb looks like, it is the type that has an empty space running across the limbs lengthwise.

The difference is so slight that it can easily be ignored. What matters eventually is the quality of the material. The more resilient they are, the sturdier they are, and unlikely to break.

You will be amazed to know that all the well-known manufacturers produce high-quality limbs only, and these limbs are impossible to break.

A Wide Valley

The valley is known otherwise as the geometry of the bow’s cams. Before explaining what it does and how it is responsible for the good or bad shots, let us take an example to make things clear.

Suppose you have drawn the string completely and you let off is say 80%. In this case, it is likely that the archer might creep forward. By creeping forward, we mean that we reduce the tension on the string without being aware of it.

When such thing happens, the holding weight of the bow increases suddenly. This breaks the stature of the archer and he needs to regain the control after having lost it. Note that, if the valley is wider, the loss of control is delayed by a significant distance.

On the other hand, if your valley is too narrow, the creeping thing will show results as soon as your fingers start to slide. So if you are a beginner, it is advised to go for the as wide valley as possible.

​What to look for when choosing a compound bow?


Thus, this was a guide on how you can choose the best compound bow for your needs. Do note that this is from a different perspective. Rarely someone will tell you to check and tally these things.

Yet you do realize how important these factors are. Do let us know in comments how you found this guide. If we missed some points, do tell us.


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