What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm Safe

Cleaning a firearm regularly is an essential part of maintaining it well. You can experience a smooth operation with your firearm if it is cleaned well after every time you use it.

It is very common to fill up your gun with sediment as well as a residue after firing, so you must be very regular in washing them with great care. This care will also help you avoid serious malfunctioning in your gun.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean a firearm along with its first step. Please read on, and you could achieve this great knowledge as to apply in your life for cleaning your firearm.


1. Buying the Necessary Items

To clean your firearm, you will have to get the following things:

  • Gun oil as lubricant.
  • Solvent for cleaning.
  • Cleaning Rod.
  • A bore brush.
  • Flashlight.
  • Nylon cleaning brush.
  • Patch holder and patches.
  • For polishing, microfiber cloths.
  • Cotton swabs.

Buying the Necessary Items

2. Properly Unloading the Firearm

What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm1

This part is very important for safety reasons. You will have to remove the round as well as the magazine from your firearm as part of properly unloading it.

First of all, open the chamber and then keep an eye on the barrel. If you look at from the back of the barrel, you could see up to the front so you can be sure there is no round left in it.

Never try it from the front side to ensure that there is no round inside the barrel.

3.Disassembling according to the Company’s Instructions

You will have to disassemble most of the parts that are possible to remove. You will always have to follow the firearm company’s complete instructions for which things you can dissemble.

You must not dissemble the parts from the firearm that are not prescribed in the manual. The more parts you can separate, the more you can clean them properly.

Step by Step: Gun​ Cleaning

4.Where to Clean your Firearm?

Never take this part lightly as you know that residue and sediment have fumes that are very harmful to our health. So you have to choose a place that is well-ventilated. Also, the cleaning agent used in cleaning your firearm will have a strong odor which may make you sick.

What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm2

It is recommended that you put all the dissembled parts of the gun on a table. You should be patient and never be hurry while going for firearm cleaning. Ensure a place where you will get much light. So a sunny day is well recommended for the cleaning work.

For your health safety, you can use gloves in your hands and mask in your mouth as to protect from bad odor.


Step 1.Cleaning the Barrel:

The first cleaning part is the barrel of the firearm. The inner side of the barrel is called bore which needs to be cleaned properly. To clean the bore, you will have to use the cleaning rod, accurately sized cotton patches along with patch holder.

Credit: wikihow.com

First, soak the patch with the solvent that you have already bought. Now enter the patch completely throughout the barrel until it comes out of the other side of the barrel.

There is another way which can be used in order to perform the cleaning of a firearm. In this way, you will have to detach the patch holder and join the bore brush. You will have to take the bore brush back and forth several times as to flake away any uneven residues in the bore.

After that, you will have to add the patch holder with the main body of the firearm. Then push the solvent-soaked cotton patches from one side of the bore and pull it out from the other side of it. You should do the process several times until you become sure that there is no debris inside the barrel.

Finally, you will have to go through with a dry patch as to dry the inside of the barrel.

Step 2.Lubricating the Barrel:

In one head of the cleaning rod, add the cotton mop. The cotton mop should be lubricated with gun conditioner and with this, push the rod from one side of the bore and pull out of the other side. This will give a gun oil coat on the inner surface of the barrel.

Step 3.Cleaning the Action:

Take some solvent and use it to the gun brush. Brush the action with the brush. Be sure that you brush every part of the action properly. After brushing, wash the action with a fresh cloth.

Credit: wikihow.com

Step 4.Lubricating the Action:

Like the bore, the action’s movable parts will have to be lubricated. The outer lubrication will give you a rust-free experience for your firearm. Never use a thick coat of lubrication, rather use a light coat of it.

Credit: wikihow.com

Step 5.Wash the other Parts of the Gun:

Now it is time to wash the rest of the parts of your firearm. You have to use a specific type of cloth for the cleaning process. A silicon-soaked cloth that is called luster cloth is used for wiping the residual parts of the gun. This process will not only clean the gun but also give some glossy shine to it.

Never be upset if you do not own this particular type of cloth for the cleaning purpose as you can use any clean cloth to do the process.


These are the steps of cleaning a gun. It is not that tough and as you have seen that the total cleaning process can take at best half an hour. So you should manage this time before going on a cleaning mission.

One thing you should be aware is that you must clean your gun after every use as to ensure the best functionalities.

With the regular cleaning, you should also be careful in keeping the gun in a dry and cool place. To do this, you can use a gun safety to keep your firearm with great care and at the same time secured.

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