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Welcome To OutdoorHole.com!

Tony LohmanIf you’re anything like me (you’re reading this, so it’s possible that you are), then you know how liberating it feels to find your meaning in this world by figuring out where you fit in with the outdoor realm. As an enthusiastic hiker, hunter, scuba diver, and lots more, outdoor activities and sports offer the kind of inspiration that I thrive on in order to define myself and conquer the world. So a big, warm HELLO to all you adventurers, my name is Tony Lohman and welcome to my world.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and what I do has led me to create my own online personal space in order to encourage and assist you with your precious and wild adventures. So if you’re someone who wants to get access to the right kind of information about gear and equipment for hunting, fishing, camping, and the like or if you simply just want to increase your knowledge in the outdoor and sports arena, then you most certainly are in the right place.

I remember when I first stumbled upon this lifestyle, I was pretty clueless about what to do on my first hunt or hike, what shoes to wear, what type of gear to buy, how to prevent an injury, and many more such important questions that every avid adventurer worries about before embarking upon his or her journey. It’s only after spending all those years in the wild and using all kinds of outdoor/sport gear and equipment that I now know what sticks by you and what doesn’t.

My only aim is to inspire you to get out there and not only be a part of an adventure but build your very own adventure by providing the most suitable, reliable, and helpful tips and tricks. Life is too short to waste time doing what you love the wrong way with the wrong guidance and equipment.

So do it right, let go, and live big!



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