Best AR Lower Receiver

Building an AR 15 is not such a difficult task, especially when you have the best AR lower. That’s because lowers constitute as the base of the rifle. The lower is the region where the trigger mechanism and trigger are present. So all the more reason to buy one that you know ranks the highest in design and functionality! Few people know what I’m about to tell you. The lower receiver of an AR rifle is the most significant part for another reason too. It’s…Continue Reading “How To Choose The Best AR Lower Receiver For Your Rifle?”

Hunting Coyotes At Night

The majority of North American states allow you to hunt coyotes all year round. The thing about these animals is that they tend to cause a huge problem for wildlife and even livestock. And this is the primary reason why night time coyote hunting is widely encouraged even in the off season. But hunting coyotes at night is not as easy task. If you’re an avid hunter, then you should develop and master the skills of spotting and capturing coyotes at night. This way you…Continue Reading “How To Learn Hunting Coyotes At Night Even In The Off Season?”

How Long Are Deer Pregnant

How long are deer pregnant? If you’re an avid hunter, this question might have popped up in your head a couple of times, am I right? The reason is quite evident. As an enthusiastic hunter, you want to understand everything about your prey. And if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. What you see below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about deer pregnancy. How often do deer reproduce? What is pregnant deer behavior? I have covered all types…Continue Reading “How Long Are Deer Pregnant? (Why You Need To Know This)”

How Much Meat From A Deer

For the majority of hunters, it’s the venison that makes the activity of hunting more thrilling. Once you’ve achieved your bonus, it’s time to place it in the freezer for storage, right? But this gives rise to an important question. How much meat from a deer will you yield to be able to keep it in your freezer? In this article, I’m going to discuss everything you need to about the topic at hand. This includes whitetail deer average weight and the deer meat calculator…Continue Reading “How Much Meat From A Deer Can You Get? (All You Need To Know!)”


When deciding to purchase a pistol or rifle, you have to understand terms like “centerfire” and “rimfire.” These are nothing but different types of ammunition that a firearm uses. But what is the real difference between rimfire and centerfire cartridges? Experienced shooters tend to use these terms a lot, don’t they? But if you’re a beginner, then you need to now the correct explanation. When it comes to ammunition for modern pistols and rifles, it falls under either the rimfire or centerfire category. So it’s…Continue Reading “What Is The Difference Between Rimfire And Centerfire? All You Need To Know!”

Why Do Hunters Pattern Their Shotguns

There are many questions that arise when talking about the activity of hunting. And one of the most common questions you’d ever come across is this one. So why do hunters pattern their shotguns? Not many of us know this, but we still do it anyway. The thing about hunting skills is that you need to understand why and how to perform them on the field. Otherwise, what’s the point of the whole adventure! Seasoned shooters and hunters may be experts, but they still don’t…Continue Reading “Why Do Hunters Pattern Their Shotguns? Everything You Need To Know”

When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position

When it comes to hunting, there’s a lot to learn, right? We’re constantly trying to improve our skills by getting our hands on the right kind of information. And as a hunting expert, I strive hard to provide you with updated content about the activity of hunting. And this is what we’re going to discuss in the article when should you carry arrows in the nocked position. If you’re an enthusiastic hunter, then you know how important this particular topic is. It is related to bow…Continue Reading “When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?”


Do you know what the most common hunting game is? Of course, you do. Deer are considered to be the ideal creatures when it comes to hunting. Many hunters wish to take down at least one deer. And if that’s what you desire as well, then you should know this. You can’t take random shots at the deer and hope for the best results. Because that’s never going to happen. You need to know where to aim on a deer if you want your hunt…Continue Reading “Where To Aim On A Deer? The Best Shot Placement”


The thing about wild turkeys is that they have multiple mates for life. A male turkey mates with several female turkeys in any given season. But it doesn’t work the same way with females. A female turkey usually has a single male that she mates with throughout the season. Then the female lays the first nest, which consists of many eggs. And if for some reason, this nest doesn’t hatch, the female lays another nest. Once the nest has been laid, the male turkey moves…Continue Reading “How Long Do Wild Turkeys Live? Everything You Need To Know”


Do you know the spot that the string or draw hand comes in contact with once your bow is drawn completely? That particular point can be in your mouth, chin, or nose. It’s called the anchor point. And it makes a lot of difference in trying to achieve consistency with your bow shooting. Every single time you shoot the bow, you want to ensure that each shot lives up to the ones you hit before. Accuracy plays a huge role when you want your shots…Continue Reading “How To Find The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow Even On Your Own?”