How to make a snake trap

We all have our fears about something or the other, right? But there are certain things or in this case, species that we’re all equally scared of. And why shouldn’t we be when they are dangerous and life-threatening? While it’s true that we don’t encounter snakes on a daily basis, they still are a very important part of our beautiful wildlife. There’s no denying that! And if you’re reading this article, chances are that coming across a snake has become quite a common occurrence for…Continue Reading “How To Make A Snake Trap With Basic Supplies?”

how to make a crossbow

Did you always wanted to have a crossbow but could not get one? So, how to make a crossbow? Here are very simple steps in which you can make a crossbow right at your home. Before delving into the details, let us first see the basic parts of a crossbow. It consists of a horizontal bow. This portion stays mounted on a stick. This part is called a stock. It is the part that shoots bolts at the target. Nowadays, the compound crossbows are more…Continue Reading “How to make a Crossbow: 9 Easy Steps To Construct A Perfect Crossbow”