Best Boots for Elk Hunting

As a passionate elk hunter, I make it a point to thoroughly go through my hunting gear before every elk season. So the first and perhaps the only important hunting gear that I always check for damage or wear out are my best boots for elk hunting. If you’ve been elk hunting for a while now, you’ll be able to relate to what I’m saying. And if not, then I’d be happy to clearly state it for you. Your boots are probably the only important…Continue Reading “A Closer Look At The 7 Best Boots For Elk Hunting “

Best thumb release for hunting

As a passionate bowhunter or archer, do you select gear that helps you achieve the best shot possible? If you’re anything like me, a bowhunter turned avid archer, you know how crucially important it is to have the right kind of bowhunting equipment. The problem doesn’t lie in the fact that you missed a shot but rather that you missed it by some centimeters or even millimeters. This is where the best thumb release for hunting comes into the picture. Since they significantly assist the…Continue Reading “How To Use The Best Thumb Release For Hunting?”

Backpack Hunting Gear List

Backpack hunting is a very self-endearing activity. One learns the importance of being completely self-sufficient. And contrary to popular belief, backpack hunters don’t hike out of a truck or even a wall tent in the day and this is made possible only due to the fact that they have a free, movable camp. This gives them the wonderful opportunity to traverse more ground and pass through inaccessible regions. As a hunting enthusiast, when you’re bound to a camp, you don’t get the freedom to discover…Continue Reading “What You Need To Add To Your Backpack Hunting Gear List”