Best Scope For 300 Win Mag | Our Buyer’s Guide

The 300 win mag has been quite a hit with sport and military shooters. In fact, the powerful rifle is considered to be popular for big game and long distance hunters as well. It gives you excellent range and power, which need to be paired with the best scope for 300 win mag.

Such a device is responsible for making those powerful shots clear and accurate. So if the 300 win mag provides you with maximum power, its scope offers maximum accuracy. And that seems like a great combination, doesn’t it?

So how do you pick the best model on the market?

Actually, you don’t. Because we’ve done that for you. You’ll find the seven best scopes for 300 win mag discussed in detail below. All you have to do is choose depending on your personal preferences or professional requirements.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Scopes for Win Mag

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best scope for 300 win mag

The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag: 7 Top Choices

Buying a proper scope for your 300 win mag will make a big difference. But do you know how to do that? If the answer is in the negative, then it’s time to find out!

1. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC – The Best Easy-to-use Scope for 300 Win Mag

Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC

There are many reasons why the Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC offers easy handling. It comes with excellent features and great craftsmanship. The versatility that you get with the Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC is also quite exceptional. It delivers 9x power magnification. This means a view of at least 35 feet at a distance of 100 yards.

The body of the device is not only shockproof but also waterproof and fog-proof. Thanks to the durable construction and nitrogen-sealed O-ring. You will also be quite impressed with the multicoated, high-quality lens. What it does is provide an anti-reflective quality. This contributes to reducing glare by as much as 92 percent.

The only downside is the lack of generous eye relief. This tends to jeopardize the comfort factor, and that’s never a good idea.

We Like

  • The device’s BDC reticle hands out easy and quick aiming capabilities.
  • It has crisp adjustment knobs with an easily adjustable magnification handle.

We Don't Like

  • The reticle of the unit is not clear enough.
  • The eye relief is short.

Nikon Training Series - Buckmasters II Riflescope

2. Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope – The Best 300 Win Mag Scope for Long Distance Hunting (Our Top Choice)

Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope

When it comes to long range, there’s nothing better than the Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope. What the device provides is a viewing field of at least 26 feet from 100 yards. And not just that; the eye relief is also pretty generous.

With 12x power magnification, the scope is solely created for long distance hunting as well as sports shooting. You will love the nitrogen-filled O-ring.It offers excellent shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof capabilities. On top of that, the unit has an aircraft-grade, high-quality aluminum alloy design. This gives you maximum durability.

The anti-reflective, multicoated lenses along with the customized BDC reticle give you better target acquisition. The only disappointing factor is the scope’s inability to work well under low light conditions.

We Like

  • The image focusing is fast and precise.
  • The reticle size tends to remain the same irrespective of magnification.

We Don't Like

  • Sighting in with the scope might be slightly difficult.
  • Not suitable for use during dusk and dawn.

Vortex Crossfire II Riflescope

3. Leupold 113863 VX-1 2-7x33mm Matte – The Best High-Quality Scope for 300 Win Mag

Leupold 113863 VX-1 2-7x33mm Matte

Leupold is a brand known to manufacture top quality rifle scopes. And the Leupold 113863 VX-1 2-7x33mm Matte is no different. The device’s rugged construction offers excellent precision. This goes a long way in boosting your performance as well as the confidence level.

It has power magnification ranging from 3x to 9x. On top of that, the optics is fully coated. So you don’t need to worry about these factors. You will also be glad to know that the precision elevation and windage adjustments of the Leupold 113863 VX-1 2-7x33mm Matte are also equally remarkable.

The thing about this scope is that it can fulfill all types of hunting or shooting tasks. So we did not come across any noteworthy negative points for the Leupold 113863 VX-1 2-7x33mm Matte. It is a simple product built with basic features that get the job done in the most effortless and flawless manner.

We Like

  • The firm adjustments are accurate and repeatable.
  • The rugged design of the scope provides durability.
  • The objective lens is suitable for low light conditions.

We Don't Like

  • (None)


4. Burris 4.5 x 14 x -42mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Riflescope – The Best Affordable Scope for 300 Win Mag

Burris 4.5 x 14 x -42mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Riflescope

There’s nothing better than the BurrisFullfield II Ballistic Plex Riflescope in terms of performance and price. It has power magnification from 4.5x to as much as 14x. Pair this up with the huge 42mm lens, and you get a large viewing field when hunting.

The single-piece tube construction comes with a complete steel adjustment mechanism. This offers tons of stability and durability during operation.

Another excellent combination is the multicoated optics and Ballistic Plex design reticle. What this does is help in compensating for a 500-yard bullet drop. So shooting from a distance is easier with the scope.

The part that lets you down is the unit’s inability to hold zero. And we all know how inconvenient that can be, right?

We Like

  • The reticle is crystal clear.
  • Easy and convenient to adjust magnification.

We Don't Like

  • The scope doesn’t hold zero.
  • Lack of lens cap.

5. Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope – The Best Shockproof Scope for 300 Win Mag

Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope

When a scope has the ability to provide excellent accuracy potential, you know that it’s one of the best. We’re talking about the Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope. The unit also offers enhanced resolution and brightness control. These types of features make the scope ideal for all kinds of hunting applications.

The device consists of a multicoated lens. When paired with increased resolution, the lens hands out superior accuracy. You will also like the quick focus eyepieces. They are solely responsible for providing a large viewing field.

And let’s not forget; the scope is shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof. The feature that doesn’t rank as high as the others is the elevation and windage adjustment protective caps. In order to execute the adjustments, you need to remove the caps altogether. And this might prove to be annoying in the long run.

We Like

  • It offers incredible clarity.
  • The elevation and windage adjustments are resettable for better precision.

We Don't Like

  • Zeroing the rifle scope is difficult.
  • The adjustments are not quick and easy to make.

Redfield Revolution Riflescope

6. Bushnell Elite Tactical Mil-Dot SFP Reticle ERS Riflescope – The Best Tactical Scope for 300 Win Mag

Bushnell Elite Tactical Mil-Dot SFP Reticle ERS Riflescope

The Bushnell Elite Tactical Mil-Dot SFP Reticle ERS Riflescope is not just for hunting purposes. It is created for military and law enforcement applications as well. This means maximum reliability and excellent optical precision.

The product comes with a special coating to improve brightness at dusk and dawn. On top of that, the argon purging does a great job at adding durability to the experience.

The valuable mil dot design reticle with target turrets performs the task of delivering accurate and quick target acquisition. And the 30x power magnification pairs up with the large objective lens to make long range shooting possible.

The RainGuard protective coating is another useful addition to the scope. So you get optimal clarity even when the weather is foul. The only major concern is the

We Like

  • Fantastic magnification with clear optics.
  • The scope can hold zero perfectly.

We Don't Like

  • The clicks are not up to the mark.

Yes, That's Covered

7. Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10x42 Binocular – The Bonus Scope for 300 Win Mag

Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10x42 Binocular

Nikon doesn’t fail to surprise us with its phenomenal riflescopes. And the brand has done it again with the Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10x42 Binocular. This device is for those who prefer a huge eyepiece.

With 16x power magnification and large objective lens, it is suitable for great, long distance shooting. The exceptional optics and generous eye relief do an excellent job at providing a comfortable experience.

You will be quite impressed with the unique optical system. What it does is deliver as much as 95 percent light transmission. The one thing that you might not like is the poor quality of the lens covers.

We Like

  • The quick focus technology makes the scope more efficient.
  • It has five different types of reticles.

We Don't Like

  • The scope is not fog-proof.
  • The rubber of the objective lens cover is susceptible to early damage.

The Buyer’s Guide to the Best Scope for 300 Win Mag

The 300 Winchester Magnum is used for military and law enforcement purposes. The thing about this rifle is that it offers excellent knockdown power and reach. This is one of the reasons why hunters prefer to use it.

The firearm is excellent for long distance and tactical applications. Because these require maximum range and power. But without accuracy, no amount of range or power will make any difference. This is where the scope for 300 win mag comes into the picture.

You will find a wide sea of options to choose from when it comes to rifle scopes. But as far as the 300 win mag is concerned, you need to pick a scope created for long distance shooting and hunting. So let’s learn how to do that, shall we?

What Makes the Best Scope for 300 Win Mag?

best scope for 300 win mag

There is no right answer to this question. What we mean to say is that you will not find the perfect model to use. When it comes to accessories like scopes, there are plenty of options to choose from.

We’re pretty sure that you must have heard about Magnum rounds being hard on your shoulder. But that is only partly true. While the rounds may be high powered as well as capable of causing shoulder bruising, they don’t require you to take this into account when buying a scope.

A high-quality scope now, thanks to the advancement of technology, can withstand any magnum cartridges’ recoil. And the scope for 300 win mag is specially created and carefully engineered to provide the same benefit with a magnum rounds’ recoil.

So the available options on the market offer the same kind of qualities. All the best scopes deliver exceptional fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof capacities. These characteristics are considered to be essential, so it won’t be difficult for you to find scopes built with such technology.

The 300 win mag scopes have precision-directed locking rings in order to maintain the correct position of the optics. They also come with high-quality lenses. Such a stable structure is what makes the device robust enough to deal with recoil.

On top of that, the scope also has an O-ring protection. This rubber feature seals a tube that’s purged with neutral gas. What it does is keep the water out and prevent the optics’ internal fogging.

And lastly, 300 win mag scopes are devices with a rugged and stout design. You should know that modern alloys are considered to be better than steel regarding strength and weight.

Factors to Take into Consideration When Buying the Best Scope for 300 Win Mag

best scope for 300 win mag


The overall features and construction of the device help in determining its quality. You should choose a scope that offers maximum precision and high performance. You need to ensure that you don’t settle for anything short of that. So take another closer look and examine every function and feature of the model that you’ve selected.


The best scope for 300 win mag is one that has the ability to withstand all types of extreme conditions. Sustainability is considered to be a major factor as far as scopes are concerned. With a 300 Winchester Magnum, you need to purchase something that can stand the test of time.


A device that’s easy to operate and convenient to use can enhance the whole experience. Agreed? So make it a point to look at simple designs and accessible features when selecting a user-friendly optic for your rifle.


The best scope for 300 win mag is supposed to boost performance as well as maximize the shooting results, right? So keeping this in mind, you could use valuable features like an eye box or eye relief. It provides you with powered magnification for more flexibility and better target acquisition.

The Final Verdict 

The 300 Winchester Magnum might be one of the most popular rifles when it comes to hunting, military, or other tactical purposes. And this trend is only going to get bigger with each passing year. It is a powerful rifle, so it deserves something equally strong to pair up with. That’s why you need a scope as great as the Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope.

This Vortex scope for 300 win mag comes with multicoated, anti-reflective lens to increase light transmission. The simple objective lens adjustments provide excellent parallax removal and image focus. And the best part about the scope’s reticle is that it remains the same in size irrespective of the magnification.

With exceptional shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof capabilities, there’s nothing that can go wrong with the scope. The device also consists of custom hash marks to provide precision on holdover as well as windage corrections.

So if there’s any best of the best scope for 300 Win Mag on the market, then this might be it.

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