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How To Use The Best Thumb Release For Hunting?

As a passionate bowhunter or archer, do you select gear that helps you achieve the best shot possible? If you’re anything like me, a bowhunter turned avid archer, you know how crucially important it is to have the right kind of bowhunting equipment.The problem doesn’t lie in the fact that you missed a shot but […]

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What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm Safe

Cleaning a firearm regularly is an essential part of maintaining it well. You can experience a smooth operation with your firearm if it is cleaned well after every time you use it.It is very common to fill up your gun with sediment as well as a residue after firing, so you must be very regular […]

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What You Need To Add To Your Backpack Hunting Gear List

Backpack hunting is a very self-endearing activity. One learns the importance of being completely self-sufficient. And contrary to popular belief, backpack hunters don’t hike out of a truck or even a wall tent in the day and this is made possible only due to the fact that they have a free, movable camp. This gives […]

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How To Become A Professional Hunter?

Hunting is a great passion for many of us those who take it lightly, but do you know that hunting can be a viable profession too? There are many ways in which you can leverage the learning of hunting and make a living with it.So it is not uncommon to see that many people are […]

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Where Is The Best Place To Shoot A Deer With A Bow?

As a hobbyist archer who, after weeks of honing technique, can still manage to miss by several yards every once in a while, I understand the problems associated with bow accuracy. Compared to a rifle, it’s simply not as accurate, or as effective to use as a hunting weapon.It is, however, much more satisfying, invigorating, […]

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