You must be thinking that you can easily buy readymade pepper spray. So why learn how to make homemade pepper spray, right? Well, let’s just assume that for some reason you can’t buy the readymade version. I mean don’t you think that it’s always a better idea to know how to prepare self-defense products? How much readymade pepper spray will you buy? Because you might need quite a lot. Pepper spray is used to protect oneself from not only aggressive or dangerous humans but also…Continue Reading “How To Make Homemade Pepper Spray Even With The Most Basic Items?”


Learning how to make homemade self-defense weapons from the most basic and inexpensive elements you might already have lying around in your home might just save you and your family from some unexpected and dangerous situation. How many times have you suddenly woken up in the middle of the night just because you think you heard something unusual? It does bother you, doesn’t it? So once you learn how to make homemade weapons, you might not feel completely safe from tragedies such as thefts and…Continue Reading “What Are The Most Effective Homemade Self-Defense Weapons?”