How To Make Homemade Pepper Spray Even With The Most Basic Items?

You must be thinking that you can easily buy readymade pepper spray. So why learn how to make homemade pepper spray, right? Well, let’s just assume that for some reason you can’t buy the readymade version.

I mean don’t you think that it’s always a better idea to know how to prepare self-defense products? How much readymade pepper spray will you buy? Because you might need quite a lot. Pepper spray is used to protect oneself from not only aggressive or dangerous humans but also from wild or rabid animals.

But before I show you how to prepare this non-lethal self-defense item, let me make one thing very clear. People with respiratory problems should not carry out this procedure. But if they still want to pursue it, then it’s important to put on a facial mask. Also, make sure that you’re in a well-ventilated room or area.

Now that we’ve got this sorted out let’s begin right away!


What You Will Need:

  • At least 6-7 chili peppers. You can use more if you want the pepper spray to be more potent and stronger.
  • Large-sized jar.
  • ​Food dehydrator to dry out the chili or peppers. (optional)
  • ​A respiratory mask, eyeglasses, and safety gloves.
  • ​Sharp knife.
  • ​One big and one small sealable container.
  • ​A piece of cloth to remove the seeds and pit.
  • ​Funnel to transfer the solution.
  • ​Vinegar to preserve the pepper solution. You can also use rubbing alcohol.
  • Baby oil.
  • Another container in case you have some additional pepper spray solution left. (optional)

How to prepare the solution?

1.Dehydrate the Peppers

The first and most important step in learning how to make homemade pepper spray are dehydration. You can either make use of a food dehydrator or simply sun-dry the peppers. Another equally efficient way of dehydration is preparing them in an oven at low temperature.


2. Blend the Ingredients Together

How to Make Pepper Spray?

Once the peppers have dried up, it’s time to mix them. Now, you can do so with a sharp knife or in a blender. Place finely cut pieces of garlic into the pepper solution along with baby oil as well. So finally, you get a paste of dried peppers, chopped garlic, and baby oil.

3.Bring in the Vinegar

If you’re not using vinegar, then you can easily opt for alcohol instead. Add at least twelve ounces of vinegar into the blended solution. Make sure that the mixture turns out to be smooth.

If you’re using a blender, then please ensure that the solution doesn’t splash. This usually happens when you’re adding vinegar or alcohol. So it’s crucial to add these liquids very slowly when the blender is turned off. Let the mixture churn in the blender for not more than 3 minutes.


4.Transfer the Solution to the Container

Now it’s time to use the funnel to relocate the pepper solution. Don’t even think about not using the funnel. You don’t want the solution to splash all over you or even to go to waste now, do you? So please make sure that you transfer the blend into a large-sized container with the help of a funnel.

Then let the mixture rest in the container for about 12 hours. Leave in a pleasant and cool place. This gives the solution enough time to react with all the components. For a more powerful pepper spray at home, you must let the mixture react with the other components for as long as possible.


5.Remove the Seeds and Pit from the Pepper Solution

You will have to use the funnel again to transfer the solution from the container into a small sealable container. But this time, place a thin piece of cloth over the opening of the container. This will prevent all the seeds and pit from the original mixture from entering the new jar.

Once the entire mixture has been poured, squeeze the piece of cloth to get all the remaining solution into the container. The seeds and pit that you’ve drained out can be used to fight pests and other dangerous animals in your backyard or garden.

6.Store the Solution in a Cold Place

The final step is to place the container in the refrigerator. You don’t need to worry about the solution’s expiry date. Pepper spray at home can last as long as three months. Thanks to vinegar or alcohol!

How to make homemade pepper spray using a simple technique?

What You Will Need:

  • ​Hot pepper or chili powder
  • ​Garlic powder
  • ​Liquid soap
  • Lemon
  • ​Spray container
  • Black pepper


The Method:

1.Mix All the Ingredients

Place all the dry ingredients in a large glass. Then squeeze the entire lemon and pour some liquid soap into the glass. Do you what lemon and liquid soap are capable of doing? They cause severe irritation in the eyes. And that means they combine to boost the effectiveness of your homemade non-lethal self-defense product.

2.Transfer the Solution Into the Spray Container

Once your mixture is prepared, pour it into the spray container. But before you do that, please make sure that it is not broken from anywhere. Because any possible leak can cause harm to you and your loved ones.

Here’s a video that shows you how to prepare pepper spray at home:

​How to Make Homemade Pepper Spray to Defend Yourself Easily?


And this is how it’s done! Before I end the article, I want to list some important safety tips for preparing homemade pepper spray at home.

  • You must wash both your hands after the procedure has been completed.
  • ​A cover or protective cap for your spray bottle can go a long way.
  • ​Make sure to keep the bottle away from children.

You can test the pepper spray on anyone who’s willing to check its effectiveness for you. And if you’re game for it, then you can test it on yourself too. When sprayed, it can last for as long as an hour. The effects are extremely painful and uncomfortable. So don’t hesitate using it on people or animals who are threatening your safety.

Have you ever used pepper spray, homemade or readymade? Don’t you think it’s one of the best and most efficient self-defense techniques?

If you have anything to share with us here, then please don’t forget to drop in your comments below.

Stay safe!

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