4 Types of Sheath Best Suited for Your Knives

Knives demand respect! Anything that offers you functionality, generally works better with a little TLC. How do you do that?! By offering them protection from damage! Purchase your sheaths today to give your knife the protection it deserves. Do not disappoint your knife; it has been protecting you for so long, now it is your turn! On top of that, if you are a novice, then a naked knife blade could be potentially dangerous for you.

There are innumerable stores waiting with a huge array of sheaths for your knife. All you need to do is find the knife sheath right for you, which will protect the knife’s edge from damage. Many types of sheath materials are available in the market. So, to make your life a bit easier, here are the various types of sheath materials and the benefits of each type.


A sheath for your knife can be a saviour for both you and the knife! Why spend so much money on sharpening and honing, when a simple sheath can save you the trouble? After all, a sheath will keep the knife sharper for a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of employing sharpening and honing services. Sounds amazing, right? Why, you ask?! Well, because a sheath will save you money that would have been spent on sharpening and honing services.

Here are a few sheath options that could be great for your knife and play a crucial role in its protection:

1. Leather Sheath

Leather is a common and popular material used to make the covering for knives. It is considered to be a classic choice by many. Here are the pros and cons of this material.


  • Looks and smells great, adding aesthetic value to the covering.
  • Softness makes it a material that can be decorated according to your preference.
  • Leather is hardy and does not break easily.
  • Strong material and easy to resew if the stitches happen to come undone or loose.
  • Being a soft material ensures that no sound is heard while taking out or putting in the knife.
  • Leather tends to break overtime, making it a perfect fit for the knife.


  • Not water or weather proof.
  • Can be easily scratched, scuffed or stained.
  • Over time it may become unusable as it is a natural material.

2. Kydex Sheath

It is a more modern type of covering material. It is basically thermoplastic that was designed for holsters and other items, but has many advantages, when used to create a covering of your knife.


  • Durable material
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Even after passage of time, it does not shrink or stretch
  • Salt water does not affect the covering adversely
  • Resistant to the action of skin acids
  • Low maintenance
  • Hard material, thus cannot break easily
  • Strap not required for securing the knife
  • Great for diving knives


  • Noisy which can cause a stealth issue.
  • Might make the knife dull over time as the knife is pulled out and put back in

3. Nylon Sheath

It is another type of material that is popular used to create coverings for knives.Many people prefer it to other materials and there are a few reasons for it being so popular.


  • Strong and tough material
  • Resistant to rot and mildew
  • Is not vulnerable to water
  • Does not get scuffed easily
  • Compared to other materials, this is lighter on the pockets


  • Nylon breaks down faster than other materials
  • Might get stretched out with time

4. Plastic Sheath

Kydex might be a type of plastic, but it is does not fall under the plastic genre. These have a different set of features.

These are probably the most pocket-friendly, but this is due to the lower quality, so be prepared for the following:

  • Breaks down the fastest
  • Does not give your blade any breathing ability
  • Can dull the blade over time



Phew, stressing out already? So many choices, right? But, you will have to take your decision. Take the help of the features, pros and cons of each kind of sheath material. These will definitely help you find the best sheath for your knife!

Priorities are what help you take the decision. Do you look at cost effective options or go the knife protection route? Nylon is better, in case, affordability is your priority, while leather is most effective in protecting your knife!

Whatever decision you take for your knife, always remember that the knife is an investment! It could be something that you could pass on as family heritage. So, do not play with its protection! The relationship that you share with your knife is symbiotic. If, you maintain the knife’s sharp edge, the knife will always come to your aid! In a nutshell, only a plausible sheath can house a potent knife.

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