How To Buy The Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots? The Ultimate Guide

What’s the most important part of your precious snowboarding kit? It has to be your snowboard boots. Otherwise, why am I writing this article! Snowboard boots, with the correct fit and flex that suits your all mountain riding style, have the ability to positively impact your snowboarding experience.

When buying the best all mountain snowboard boots, you have to take into consideration the all mountain riding style and the type of snowboard boots that such a style demands.

Even though many of us buy boots based on our own personal preferences, we must follow one rule. All mountain snowboard boots need more stiffness as compared to freestyle snowboard boots.

So even though it is a good idea to give importance to personal preference, it is an even better idea to select a pair of all mountain snowboard boots that are created to fit the demands of the all mountain riding style.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots

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What to look for when buying snowboard boots?

Riding Style

When it comes to snowboard boots, there are three types of support and flex options.

  • Soft flex
  • Medium flex
  • Stiff

Snowboard boots that are stiff provide limited flex from side-to-side.

They also offer you with a greater level of response on rough terrain. And these are the kind of all mountain snowboard boots that you require. Backcountry and freeride snowboard boots have the same amount and quality of stiffness as all mountain snowboard boots.

Fit and Comfort

You can buy the lightest and finest shock absorbent snowboard boots but they will do you no good unless they fit your feet properly. Sore heels, cramped feet, and crushed toes, due to slight lift in the heel, are all conditions which can be easily avoided with a pair of comfortable boots. 

So don’t make the same mistake of thinking that your normal shoe size applies to snowboard boots as well. Ideally, you should be buying at least one or half size lower than your normal shoe size. It might take some time for you to break them in but they will eventually expand and fit you well.

Lacing System

How to Put on Snowboard Boots/Board?

The lacing system has the capability to make or break the snowboard boots. And this is why there’s so much importance given to the lacing system. There are 3 different types of lacing systems for snowboard boots.

The first is the boa lacing system. It is quite simple and convenient. What you need to do is twist the cable reels and the lacing system tightens up the snowboard boot. You can also press on the cable reels to release tension for fast on and off action. So you can easily operate boa snowboard boots with gloves on.


The second lacing system is the traditional lacing system. The most popular choice among riders, this system takes some time for tightening and adjusting. But once it all happens, the laces are dialed in throughout the day.


The third and last lacing system is the speed lace system. As its name suggests, this lacing system is created to give you more speed. All you have to do is yank a handle and each lacing zone gets tightened and locked in immediately.


Liner and Footbed

The liner of a snowboard boot is the whole inner part of the boot. Liners play a very important role in keeping your feet comfortable. How the snowboard boot feels depends entirely on the boot’s liner. That said, the all mountain snowboard boots are made of materials like heat-compliant foam to provide riders with a customized fit and an excellent feel.

Some of the best snowboard boot brands manufacture boots with ankle harnesses, closure systems, and detachable J-bars to lock in your ankle for added stability. The best time to make the most of the removable liners in snowboard boots is when you want to go snowboarding regularly.

This way, you can easily remove the liners at the end of the day and dry them out before putting them back again the following day. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

The 5 best all mountain snowboard boots

1. Ride Men's Trident Snowboard Boots

You know you have a great pair of all mountain snowboard boots when they have the ability to tackle just about anything that you throw at them. The Ride Men's Trident Snowboard Boots are built with that kind of quality. The boots come with a triple boa lacing system. What this does is allow you to adjust the lower boot, upper boot, and inner boot independently.

The Ride Men's Trident Snowboard Boots are highly responsive when you’re bombing the backcountry and trails with precision. The soles of the boots offer maximum physical resistance when backcountry hiking.

If you’re an all mountain rider hunting for stiff snowboard boots with an exceptional response, then the Ride Men's Trident Snowboard Boots might be the perfect option for you.

Ride Men's Trident Snowboard Boots

We Like

  • The boots are very light in weight.
  • They provide a supreme and strong heel hold.

We Don't Like

  • Since the boots are a tad too stiff, they are not suitable for rails and boxes.

2. Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots (Our Top Choice)

The best snowboard boots for intermediate all mountain riders are the Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots. They have a pretty attractive physical appearance with a high tech quality.

If you’re into extreme freestyle riding, then these all mountain snowboard boots might be a great choice for you. As far as the flex of all mountain riding style is concerned, they are undoubtedly on another level of the aggressive side.

The Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots are also an ideal choice for those who are advancing into the backcountry. Such riders require a pair of not only comfortable but also highly responsive snowboard boots. And the Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots provide just that.

You will also be glad to know that these boots have an exceptional shrinkage tech. What this means is that you get a pair of snowboard boots that is comparatively smaller in the outsole region than its size.

Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots

We Like

  • The lacing system of the boot wraps exceptionally well around the foot.
  • The gel and EVA foam in the underfoot region of the soles is very soft.

We Don't Like

  • The boots don’t offer maximum shock absorption.

3. Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

There’s nothing better than the Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots in terms of performance. These best all mountain snowboard boots provide ultimate comfort throughout the day. Despite being medium flex snowboard boots, they perform remarkably well.

The boots have a well-constructed and pronounced cuff. What this does is allow you to lean into your boots and press the comfort toe-side turns. You can do this while easily maintaining a decent responsiveness level.

The best part about the Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots is the fact that they are designed with a roomy toe box. And we all know how important that is when it comes to providing protection and comfort.

Another great quality of these warm snowboard boots is that they lend a pretty powerful heel hold. Considering how essential a strong heel hold is in providing the much-needed support and protection, I would easily make this quality the product’s USP.

Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

We Like

  • The boots are suitable for wide and large feet.
  • Since they are well-cushioned, they provide maximum shock absorption.

We Don't Like

  • The sole of the boots is flat. And this can cause toe and heel drag.


The best snowboard boots for intermediate as well as advanced riders are the K2 Men's RAIDER SNOWBOARD BOOT. They are freestyle and all mountain snowboard boots. And that means these boots are comparatively stiffer than the average level. But that doesn’t jeopardize the kind of comfort that the boots provide.

The K2 Men's RAIDER SNOWBOARD BOOTS are built with 3D formed EVA footbed. So you get abundant support and protection in this area for hard landings. You will also be glad to know that the boots are equipped with a lacing system that has an efficient combination of board coiler.

This is useful when you want to adjust the inner and the outer part of the snowboard boots’ exterior. The combination also contributes to anchoring the heel to the back side of the boot.


We Like

  • The boots offer a phenomenal middle ground flex on the mountain.
  • They have the ability to handle pretty hard and bad landings. Thanks to the solid construction and design of the boots.

We Don't Like

  • The single-mold soles of the boots lack physical resistance.

5. DEELUXE Snowboarding 571529-1000/9110 Empire TF Snowboard Boots

One of the best snowboard boot brands, DEELUXE Snowboarding, manufactured the Empire TF Snowboard Boots for all mountain riders. The technology that these boots are built with enables them to provide outstanding support to your feet whenever required.

With these snowboard boots, you can easily hit the park during the morning hours and the back bowls during the afternoon. 

The DEELUXE Snowboarding 571529-1000/9110 Empire TF Snowboard Boots come with an inbuilt Asym flex. This feature is great when you want a stiff response but with a soft flex. Such an efficient combination helps in balancing the ride and providing comfort throughout the day.

The sectional control lace system of these warm snowboard boots gives you the opportunity to distribute pressure over 3 different zones. And this is essential in providing a comfortable and secure closure.

DEELUXE Snowboarding 571529-1000/9110 Empire TF Snowboard Boots

We Like

  • The boots have tons of customizable support to offer in the calf region. This helps in providing a better fit.
  • The liner of the boots is very light in weight and provides optimal insulation.

We Don't Like

  • The D-Tex membrane in the lower part of the boot doesn’t have maximum waterproofing ability.

Over to you!

When you’re choosing the best all mountain snowboard boots, remember that it’s normal to get confused or be picky. Because you want to make sure that you get the best of the best product available on the market. And that is why I would recommend you to select the Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots from the list.

The Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots are solely created for the all mountain rider. They provide maximum support along with remarkable durability. The kind of stiffness that these boots have offers an optimal level of response.

So you can easily handle more aggressive and faster conditions. The boots can do this while also providing the much-needed comfort for a decent amount of hot laps through the park.

With a reflective foil sleeping bag-equipped footbed and Vibram outsoles, the Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots provide a practical combination of warmth and support to the feet.

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