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Coon hunting has become a popular practice to get rid of raccoons living unwelcomed in areas. It is also considered a favorite hunting sport for decades.

Mastering the art of Raccoon hunting is a skill that requires dedicated practice. It's different than most hunting activities because it takes place in the dark.

Raccoons are active during the night, so it's easier to capture them at that time.

People usually lead one or two dogs for treeing raccoons in the dark. Best coon hunting light is an essential piece of equipment. It lights the way through nighttime, providing better targeting aim. Plus with it, a raccoon won't be able to spot you, even from a close distance.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Coon Hunting Lights

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best coon hunting light

tOP 7 PICKS OF THE best Coon Hunting Light

Coon hunting lights feature a rugged and lightweight design. They comprise of a sharp long beam of light either red or green to keep the raccoons from spotting you. Also, they come in a variety of types based on how you'd like to use them.

From optimal carry weight to distance, you need the right information to buy a coon hunting light. Without it, coon hunting will become a tough sport to master.

If you don't want to be stuck in the dark with nothing but your dog and a rifle, you need to consider our top choices. We've done extensive research on each of our picks, so you better go for it!

Today's coon hunters are more sophisticated with modern hunting gear. That's why you need the coon hunting light for your success.

1. Orion Predator H30 273 Yards Long Range Rechargeable Night Hunting Light - Suitable for Professional Coon Hunters (Editor's Choice)

Orion Predator H30 273 Yards Long Range Rechargeable Night Hunting Light

This is a powerful hunting light that can enhance your aiming and shooting skills. The Orion Predator H30 Hunting Light features a solid barrel, rail, and scope mount. It features an excellent 273 yards beam distance and four versatile brightness settings.

Since raccoons aren't sensitive to red or green light, so the dual beam won't alert the raccoons. It is durable because it's waterproof down to 6 feet. So if it's submerged in water for 30 minutes, you have nothing to worry about.

The aviation-grade rugged aluminum construction is very dependable. Which makes it impact resistant as well. And this best coon hunting light uses stable rechargeable batteries.

Although this hunting light features a delicate brightness switch that doesn't adjust focus. Not at least the way it's supposed to.

We Like

  • It is military grade, impact-resistant, and very lightweight.
  • It has a 10-year usability warranty.

We Don't Like

  • The pressure button is a tab bit difficult to push.

2. Streamlight 69228 TLR-1 Game Spotter with Remote - The Best Flexible Coon Hunting Light

Streamlight 69228 TLR-1 Game Spotter with Remote

The Streamlight 69228 TLR-1 is a steady and professional pick for raccoon hunters. It features a shock-proof body. And a powerful long-range beam of 350 meters. The tool is suitable for the serious hunter.

For accurate long range visibility, it also comes with a deep-dish parabolic reflector. While the one-handed Snap-on interface keeps moisture and other elements away. The lighting ability of this coon hunting light is extreme. It features a well-intensified center for spotting raccoons from a great distance. 

For versatile rail mounting options, it comes with rail locating keys. You would also like to know that it's waterproof down to 1 feet for 30 minutes. And it comes with a handy remote switch for better accessibility in the dark.

But the bell of this game spotter is a bit too wide in diameter. It can block some of your views if mounted.

We Like

  • It casts an unyielding beam of light.
  • It is lightweight and portable.

We Don't Like

  • The bell of the light is space-consuming.

Streamlight TLR-1® Game Spotter™

3. Kohree XML U2 LED Hunting Light - Suitable for Long Hunting Trips

Kohree XML U2 LED Hunting Light

The Kohree XML U2 is all you need for a best coon hunting light. It is lightweight, portable, and very easy to use. It has a great beam distance of 300 yards, which is more than required for a productive hunt.

With a run-time of up to 20 hours, this hunting light comes with a charging time of only 18 hours. The lighting times range from 5 hours, 7 hours, 10 hours, and 20 hours. Something like this is perfect for raccoon hunters who demand to cover more ground. These power settings are more beneficial to you because you set the brightness on your terms.

Even though this coon hunting light is adaptable and very flexible, it has a minor drawback. The lowest setting on this light exhausts the battery life more than it should.

We Like

  • It has a long lasting battery life.
  • They look rugged and stylish to use.

We Don't Like

  • The lowest light mode takes up too much battery life.
Comunite Portable 501B XM-L T6 Tactical 250 Yards Long Range Hunting Light

When you want something that you can use every day, there aren't many durable options to pick from. Not anymore. The Comunite T6 Hunting Light is a waterproof and shock-proof hunting light. It features a durable crenelated strike bezel construction. This means that when it comes down to self-defense, this coon hunting light will stand with you.

It's the perfect entry-level coon hunting light with no frills and gimmicks. Its durable aluminum body works on rechargeable batteries and a flexible mount. You can take this one out for daily coon hunting. If you're looking for something affordable, get this one. The slip-resistant compact body is also impressive.

But for more challenging hunting trips, this light won't make the cut. It's more suitable for casual night adventures.

We Like

  • For the price you pay, it has incredible durable features.
  • The remote pressure switch is very handy.

We Don't Like

  • Not meant for extreme coon hunts.

5. VRL-1 Ultimate Package Green and Red LED Varmint Light - Suitable for Hunters Looking for Intense Red and Green Light Beam

VRL-1 Ultimate Package Green and Red LED Varmint Light

The VRL-1 Ultimate Package Light won't let you down. It features a 30mm scope mount and durable pressure switch. It is very lightweight, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum build.

The polished and durable reflector works for accurate long-range identification. We also liked how easy this coon hunting light is to mount and dismount. If you want effective range at the hands of something so responsive, this is the one to get. Ideal for raccoon hunting in the darkest of corners, it delivers a powerful light beam for a longer range.

What we didn't like about this coon hunting light is the short battery life. It runs for only 2 to 4 hours at a stretch. But even on low battery, it shines the light on very far distances.

We Like

  • The aluminum body is lightweight and portable.
  • The scope mount is adaptable.

We Don't Like

  • It has a short battery life.
  • The red LED light uses more power than the green LED light.
Odepro KL41 Red Green IR850 LED Long Range Rechargeable Night Hunting Tactical Light

The Odepro KL41 Tactical Light is the best long-range hunting light for most people. It is ideal for horizon scanning, long distance identification, and close-up illumination. It has a powerful beam that stretches down to 200 yards and more, depending upon the intensity you choose.

It can mount hand pistols, shotguns, and many types of rifles. So you know it's an efficient pick when you use it. Moreover, the four light control modes offer red, green, white, and IR850 light to suit your hunting needs. You won't find such a brilliant hunting light that's fit for every scenario. The run-time on this light is around 2-3 hours, plus it comes with a durable battery charger.

The only thing that makes this best coon hunting light a level below the rest is its adjustable settings. The red and green builds lack proper brightness adjustments.

We Like

  • It has many versatile mounting options.
  • The construction is waterproof.

We Don't Like

  • The red and green bulbs are not adjustable.

Odepro KL41 led Hunting Flashlight

7. BestFire Portable HS-802 LED Tactical Flashlight - Suitable for Players Looking for a Focused LED Beam

BestFire Portable HS-802 LED Tactical Flashlight

This best coon hunting light features a powerful LED output of 350 lumens. If you quickly want to know what to get, the BestFire HS-802 Flashlight is your go-to choice.

This is the ideal predator flashlight with a durable power mode and an adaptable beam. It has a lighting distance of 250 yards, which is perfect for raccoon hunting. The tail cap switch feels smooth and the barrel mount features are on point. It can sit on any rifle and shotgun. 

Built tough for great coon hunting, it's a rugged flashlight with lots to feature. It’s best for its focusable LED beam, laser sight mounting, and for scoping purposes.

But the BestFire HS-802 Flashlight features an impaired function. When the battery runs low, the light, by default, runs from power mode to strobe mode. This can be a deal breaker for people looking for something more rugged and accurate to control.

We Like

  • It features an adaptable mount.
  • This flashlight features a more focused beam.

We Don't Like

  • The light loses most of its brightness when running on little battery power.

Coon Hunting Light - Buyer’s Guide

best coon hunting light

As you already know, hunting coons at night are very effective because raccoons feed only at night. We hunt them also because they destroy vegetation and make a big mess.

You can't use any flashlight especially for hunting raccoons at night. With the right coon hunting light, you'll be able to cover lots of ground and kill a few raccoons before you head home. Anything that makes your hunting trip safer is essential.

Coons are smart animals when it comes to hiding out in thick bushes and trees. Once they feel threatened, they're tough to spot without a hunting light. Buying the best coon hunting light will increase your chances of a successful hunt. Plus, it'll make it easier on you to take the most accurate shot in the darkest of corners.

With the help of our guide, you'll find yourself more equipped and confident on your hunt.

The Best Tips for Hunting Coon in the Dark

Hunting Coon during nighttime can be both a challenging and exciting sport to take on. With buying the right coon hunting light for yourself comes a big responsibility. You need to know how to hunt coon with one first!

You need to follow these fundamentals when preparing for coon hunting.

  • First, you need to select the right coon hunting gear. This includes a dynamic and durable coon hunting light (you'll find the best picks above). You'll need an accurate light source to buy you the gift of night vision. This also includes durable high boots, a coon squaller call, and a GPS tracking device.
  • Second, with the help of dogs, tracking coon scent is pretty easy. But it is an essential skill that you and your dog must master beforehand. That said, you should be able to communicate with your dog and understand his behavior to track.
  • The last thing to keep in mind is the proper method of treeing coons before you take a shot. Once your dog has treed a coon, you should know that a coon would not leave unless it feels threatened. You can do that by shaking the tree he is hiding on. With the help of your coon hunting light, you can spot the coon and take the right shot.

Raccoon Hunting at Night 

The Best Features to Consider

best coon hunting light

Light Color

Most coon hunting lights are either red or green. This is because red and green colors don't hurt your night vision. These colors also often less detected by animals when it’s dark.

This means that when you set out to hunt coons after hours, they won't be able to spot you easily. Coon hunting lights come with sharp optical filters with different levels of brightness. This feature is mandatory regardless of the illumination distance and run-time.

Light Distance

This is the total illumination area covered by the coon hunting light. You need something strong and long-lasting to be able to hunt coons the right way. With a better view, you can target to take an accurate shot.


Knowing how long your coon hunting light would work plays out your entire hunting trip. Anything less than a couple of hours is unacceptable. When you need longer light distance, a healthy battery life increases your hours. Some coon hunting lights come with rechargeable batteries. While some need new batteries after every run.

Light Type

As with any other hunting gear, coon hunting lights come in 4 types to fit different needs. They are scope mounted gun lights, LED headlamp lights, handheld spotlights, and hybrid flashlights.

  • Scope mounted gun lights are mounted only on rifle scopes. They offer accurate targeting abilities and features various elevation features.
  • LED headlamp lights are ideal for walking longer distances. They are essential when you want your hands free to lead your pack into the woods.
  • ​Handheld spotlights are best for treeing coons during the dark. These powerful hunting lights throw light on hard-to-reach and crowded areas.
  • Hybrid flashlights are traditional handheld and scope-mounted lights. You can use them as both, based on your comfort level.

Wrapping It Up

We've written enough about best coon hunting lights to now determine its significant benefits. With the latest technology, they're more popular now that ever. Before any trip, you find yourself asking this very simple question. What can I do to make my hunting experience more productive?

Well, if you need good advice, backed by professionals, you'll like the looks of the Orion Predator H30. This model offers incredible traction, usability, and durability. It comes with a smooth reflector and impact proof body for superior performance. All-in-all, it's a solid winner among the rest.

To put an end to this guide, we'd like to say that coon hunting can be a productive sport only if you know how to hunt with the best gear.

A good hunting light will go a long way without the guilt. You'll return home with a few catches scrape-free. So test out a few lights before you take the best one for your next coon hunting trip.

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