Best Youth Big Barrel Bats | Our Buyer’s Guide

So do you want to spend a good amount of money on best youth big barrel bats? The thing about buying baseball bats in the off-season, you can’t get enough of them. While most families prepare their kids for skiing or hockey, baseball is often forgotten. So now is the right time to tell you that baseball gear in the off-season is much cheaper to buy.

When you buy at prices with a good discount you don’t mind stocking up on a barrel bat or gloves, right? We’d like to consider purchasing a good junior big barrel baseball bat or a youth big barrel bat right away.

That’s all you need to know for now, but we’ve got a comprehensive guide waiting for you below.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Youth Big Barrel Bats


Youth Big Barrel Bat

Our Rating


Louisville Slugger SLCT152

Louisville Slugger SLCT152

Easton 2015 SL15S310B S3 ALUM

Easton 2015 SL15S310B S3 ALUM

(Editor’s Choice)

Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6

Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6

Easton S400 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Easton S400 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2015 CF7

DeMarini 2015 CF7

Easton S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Easton S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Easton Mako Comp 2

Easton Mako Comp 2

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Which Youth Big Barrel Bat Is Right for You

best youth big barrel bats

If you don’t know what sets it apart from senior barrel bats, then you should be aware that the youth bats have a barrel size above 2 1/4″.

We gathered a good bunch of youth big barrel bats to help you get better at baseball when you need it the most. Everything you need in a baseball bat and everything you didn’t exactly know you wanted is right here.

1.Louisville Slugger SLCT152 – The Most Durable Youth Baseball Bat with a Big Barrel

Louisville Slugger SLCT152

The Louisville Slugger SLCT152 is a beautiful pick that’s bought and loved for what it is. You can forget standard baseball bats when you have this big barrel bat around. It is a good contender of sorts, thanks to its feature-packed performance.

That said, it features an advanced composite design with a clear purpose. That purpose is to provide excellent durability at a valuable price. Moving forward, this lightweight bat also features a wider barrel diameter. It also reduces vibration and increases swing speed.

This is one of those youth big barrel bats that offer a more leveled swing than higher-grade bats. It’s safe to use, quick, and very efficient. You’d make your competitors jealous with this hard-hitting machine.

The only drawback to this big barrel bat is that it demands a longer break-in period than the rest of them.

We Like

  • The C1C composite design increases swinging action and speed.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and durable.

We Don’t Like

  • Longer break-in period.

Grand Kids Youth Baseball Clinic – Powered by Louisville Slugger

2.Easton 2015 SL15S310B S3 ALUM – Best Youth Big Barrel Bats for Excellent Swinging Speed

Easton 2015 SL15S310B S3 ALUM

The Easton SL15S310B S3 is an absolute champion in the world of youth bats. Its smart design features and 2-3/4-inch barrel diameter offer incredible grip. What we loved most about this big barrel bat is its aluminum body with diamond grip performance.

What this means is that you will meet with the incredible level of comfort and stability. Not to mention, speed control along with excellent power skills.

This youth big barrel baseball bat uses modern technologies. Such as light matrix, larger barrel, and an ultra-thin handle.

This will help you hit with excellent power without interrupting your swing. The advantages of this big barrel bat are worth taking into account as well. It’s both flexible and firm, and it offers an incredible weight for youth to take the right swing.

Be that as it may, the aluminum body and diamond grip lack proper durability. This means that this bat’s easier to turn, but it would have performed in a better way if it had a more durable design.

We Like

  • The perfect youth big barrel bat to focus on swinging speed.
  • The ultra-slim handle offers incredible support and stability.

We Don’t Like

  • It lacks the use of durable materials.

3.Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6 – A Higher Priced Pick for More Stability and Endurance

Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6

The Marucci Junior Cat 6 appeals to someone looking for simple yet durable features. It offers new and improved features such as an anti-vibration knob. There is plenty of reason to buy this youth bat.

The micro-perforated touch grip feels steady and soft to handle. The knob shapes stir up feelings of balance and control when taking a swing. And the Ring-free barrel technology is super-efficient for a wider diameter.

All these features, when combined, offer incredible stamina and traction. The durable alloy housing withstands all weather conditions. And the rest of the profile is well-optimized for powerful performance and swings.

That said, other than the anti-vibration knob, extended barrel profile, and touch grip. There’s one factor we disliked to the last bit. The extended barrel profile dents very fast from hard-hitting practice.

We Like

  • The one-piece alloy construction offers enhanced swing control.
  • It has incredible patented features such as anti-vibration knob, Ring-free barrel, etc.

We Don’t Like

  • The barrel profile is susceptible to dents.

“The Marucci Story” as told by Larry King

4.Easton S400 Big Barrel Baseball Bat – The Best Youth Big Barrel Bat for Softball Games

Easton S400 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

The Easton S400 is faster and more durable than higher-grade models. It has enough features that enhance grip ability. That said, it also reduces vibration when it has to. You’ll forget what it’s like to strike out in a season. It’s true because it enhances stability with its super durable components. That includes an aircraft alloy profile with a bigger sweet spot.

The handle is large and lightweight enough to hold with both hands. This increases better ball impact and a great pop without the sting. What makes us most loyal to this youth bat is its power handling features. The 2-5/8-inch barrel diameters are perfect for anyone who needs extra space to play.

That said, this is one of those youth big barrel bats that are not so reliable for hard-hitting games. This means the alloy design profile dents very quickly, especially after intense games.

We Like

  • It features a 1-year warranty.
  • Increases ball contact rate.

We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for hardball baseball games.

Team Easton – Meet Francesa

5.DeMarini 2015 CF7  – Best Youth Big Barrel Bats for Plenty of Enhanced Features

DeMarini 2015 CF7

The DeMarini CF7 baseball bat focuses on factors that enhance swing and stability. It’s the best two-piece composite bat that’s both lightweight and durable. The dual density flat end cap and carbon fibers are impressive. Why? Because they enhance bat balance and control without the vibration and sting.

You will feel the significant difference in smacking the ball once you buy this baseball bat. It’s the only kind your child will ever want to fall back on for an excellent game! That said, it offers great pop without the vibration. So you know how efficient and durable it is.

Another one of its significant performance benefits is power. This bat punches in lots of authority and stability without losing control of the ball. So experiment on different hits is no problem with this bat.

The composite build may be impressive to most, but it lacks the kind of quality like an aluminum bat.

We Like

  • Suitable for consistent contact hitters.
  • It offers incredible pop without the vibration or sting.

We Don’t Like

  • The composite profile isn’t very durable and reliable.

2015 DeMarini CF7

6.Easton S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat – Best Youth Big Barrel Bats for Swing Control

Easton S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

If you like to challenge yourself with a capable big barrel bat, we recommend the Easton S3. It’s a highly functional and superior quality baseball bat for the youth. With its single-piece barrel profile and bigger sweet spot, it’s pretty reliable. This bat also features a Hyperlite Matrix construction to increase stamina and control.

What you wouldn’t expect from a traditional baseball bat you will find in this. Players can take charge of their swings and make each impact count with this bat. So if such a feature-packed baseball bat has so much to offer, wouldn’t you go for it?

Professional baseball players will tell you how important the swinging moment is. That’s what this big barrel bat focuses on. Be that as it may, this youth bat fails to offer optimal performance for power-hitters.

We Like

  • The Hyperlite Matrix alloy delivers superior comfort.
  • It provides sufficient stiffness and is light in weight.

We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for power-hitters.

Easton – S3 Youth Baseball Bat Tech Video (2016)

7.Easton Mako Comp 2  – One of the Best Youth Big Barrel Bats for Faster Performance

Easton Mako Comp 2

The Easton Mako Comp 2 is perfect for anyone looking for simple yet efficient features. This youth big barrel bat not only performs well, but it also has a fantastic aesthetic to match too. The black and green offer an excellent combination for a superior youth bat design.

Having said that, if you need something inexpensive and valuable, we recommend this. It offers the best batting average by a massive pop. The barrel size, composite handle, and anti-slip design make all the difference.

If you read our buying guide, you will know that the bigger the barrel, the better swinging speed. Not to mention, the ability to resist sweaty hands in humid climates.

What we found most impressive was the composite profile that promises enhanced performance. This includes control, speed, and traction.

Be that as it may, this is one of those youth big barrel bats that are lightweight to withstand power-hitters. It offers very inaccurate and unreliable weighting for more intense performances.

We Like

  • It offers incredible pop without vibration.
  • Features an attractive design.

We Don’t Like

  • Not as durable as other models we’ve tested.

The Easton Experience at the 2016 Little League Baseball® World Series

How to Find One that’s Right for You?

The decision to buy a youth big barrel bat gets harder when you don’t understand what you’re buying. And if you’re facing troubles buying your very first stick, you need this guide to show you the ropes. But if you’re looking at some of the youth big barrel bats out there, followed by what you need to consider. You shouldn’t have any problems while buying.

What is a Youth Big Barrel Bat?

best youth big barrel bats

A youth big barrel bat is the right choice for children. They are generally of sizes above 2-1/4-inches, in sizes such as 2-5/8 and 2-3/4-inches. Other than that, you can differentiate a senior barrel bat from a youth barrel bat regarding weight. That is, youth big barrel bats surface between -8 to -10 or -5 to -12.

The size of a youth big barrel bat is larger while the weight much lower. This combination makes it easier for children between ages 8 to 12 to swing and take a shot.

What is a Baseball Bat Made of?

There are plenty features of a baseball bat to look forward to. That’s why understanding the simple anatomy of one is crucial. You will come across brands that try their hand in enhancing each baseball part. But you should know that every baseball bat has the same anatomy.



The barrel is the top part of the bat where all the magic happens. You might have heard all sorts of names for the barrel such as the “sweet spot” or the “Holy Grail.” The most elongated the barrel, the wider the hitting point. But if you have a smaller barrel it could also mean super-fast swing speed.


As the name suggests, the grip is where you hold the bat, also known as the “handle.” The two most common grip materials are synthetic and leather. Some manufacturers feature rubber grips that also enhance swing comfort and usability.


The knob is the part that’s close to the barrel. It helps players keep their stability and grip after the most intense slices.


This determines the diameter of the handle. The larger the taper, the lesser the impact when making a connection with the ball. But this also means extra weight added to the bat.


By now you already know what the cap is. It’s the part most distanced from the handle. A cap does nothing but brings back most of the energy to the bat as soon as it comes in contact with the ball.

Which Features to Look Forward to?

best youth big barrel bats

The good thing about baseball bats is that they offer simple and compelling features. That includes power, durability, performance, and weight. These all determine what makes youth big barrel bats on the market.

  • Power

High power refers to a great pop. Baseball bats offer a perfect pop during the swinging of the barrel. That’s when the ball comes in contact with the barrel. The “pop” or power of a youth big barrel bat means how fast and powerfully the ball responds to the swing.

Everybody prefers bat speed and control with power for making quick shots. So you need something that offers exactly that with great consistency.

  • Durability

The strength of a youth big barrel bat includes its build, weight, and length. Buying a product that is able to withstand plenty seasons is a good way to go. Instead of switching bats at the end of every season, why don’t you buy something that works for years?

The best part of youth big barrel bats is that they offer a sizable barrel without any sting. This means you can use your stick to the most comfortable level with an excellent grip and coverage.

For weight, you need something competent to hold that doesn’t sacrifice on speed. That said, one you measure the bat’s drop weight, you can find what fits you the best. To be able to swing effortlessly is the only factor to consider when picking out the optimal bat weight.

For length, looking for something long and steady enough is ideal. Your youth big barrel bat must be long enough to reach the strike zone with ease. And not being too long at the same time as that makes it difficult for you to take a comfortable swing.


You will find many lists and guides on buying a good baseball bat, but there are only few that focus on youth bats. You can trust this guide without a doubt because it features what you need to move forward.

Our experts have curated the best possible insight into buying youth big barrel bats. We leaned on professional advice to bring to you some of the best youth big barrel bats on the market.

Having said that, the youth bat built for a lifetime is the Easton SL15S310B S3. It has powerful, but simple necessary features. What we liked most about this product is that it wants to keep performance simple and durable. It fits with other following youth bats, which makes it a real contender.

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