Useful Facts And Tips: What Is The Most Accurate Fixed Blade Broadhead?

When was the last time your arrow didn’t miss its mark because of an off tune job? If your answer has anything to do with the present times, then you might want to know what the most accurate fixed blade broadhead there is on the market.

Because you know how important coming to full draw is and you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that, am I right?

The thing about fixed blade broadheads is that getting them to fly straight is like showing your grandparents how to send an audio clip on Whatsapp. The job gets done but not how you want it to. The important thing to note is that fixed blade broadheads are not as forgiving as field points. They have the capability to easily spot flaws and possible slips in your setup.

While it’s true that any renowned brand name will work flawlessly so much time as you own a well-tuned bow. But when we talk about achieving perfect accuracy, it is always a better idea to get your hands on the best fixed blade broadhead.

Quick Comparison: Top 4 Most Accurate Fixed Blade Broadheads​



Our Rating


Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead

Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead (Our Top Choice)

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads

Slick Trick Standard 1-Inch Broadheads

Slick Trick Standard 1-inch Broadheads

Rocket Broadhead Ultimate Steel Cut 100 Grain Fixed 3 Blade Archery Point

Rocket Broadhead Ultimate Steel Cut 100 Grain Fixed 3 Blade Archery Point

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How to Get Your Fixed Blade Broadheads to Fly​?

What to look for in a fixed blade broadhead?

In order to better understand what to look for in the most accurate fixed blade broadhead, you need to know a little bit more about the product itself.

Fixed blade broadheads can be hard to tune out of the bow, and that’s mainly because, when the arrow is in motion, the fixed blades serve as rudders. So even if the bow is slightly off track, the broadhead will magnify the flight and fling the arrow off target.

This inevitably leads to you either adjusting your rest or resighting the bow to force the arrow to land on target.

And such an outcome has led to fixed blade broadhead manufacturing companies to dismiss the idea of ever increasing the cutting diameter of the heads, which now stands at 1.25 inches.

Now let’s come to another important feature or characteristic to look for in the best models. As far as the most accurate broadhead is concerned, the tip of the broadhead should fall under the cut on contact type category.

That means, ditch the chisel or the standard pointed tips and go for the contact tips. These are small or razor blade tips located on the tip of the head. The cut on contact type fixed blade broadheads can work through quite successfully even when something goes wrong.

Broadhead needs to be accurate to have a nice flight of it. For this reason, you will need to know which one is the most accurate broadhead! There are three factors to consider for being an accurate broadhead. We are going to discuss this in this article.

Most Accurate Fixed Blade Broadhead


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