How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Without Damaging It?

When water gets stuck in the ear, it feels as if you’re listening from the bottom of a well, isn’t it? You entire ear feels like it’s been stuffed with cotton, so you hear muffled sounds.

And we all know how this happens, don’t we? Two very common causes; swimming or when you tilt your head while taking a shower. But do you know how to get water out of your ear? Probably not.

And that’s okay because not many of us feel the need to force the water out as it eventually comes out on its own. But sometimes that doesn’t happen or the discomfort caused by it is so unbearable that you literally can’t think of anything else but that.

how to get water out of your ear


Getting rid of water in the ear even if you’re not experiencing any discomfort should be done soon anyway. Otherwise, the condition might cause some kind of infection that usually begins with redness, pain, and inflammation.

In fact, there’s a name to describe this particular condition, it’s called swimmer’s ear. The most notable cause; pseudomonas bacteria that is found in soil and water.

Swimmer’s Ear 

So let’s talk about ways to get water out of your ear.

How to Get Water out of Your Ear? 5 Easy Steps to Follow

1. Blow Drying

Using a blow dryer is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of water in the ear. All you have to do is simply set the temperature of the dryer at the lowest setting and hold the dryer at a safe distance from your ear.

Please remember to leave some space of a few inches, I would recommend a distance of at least 1 foot from your ear. Because you don’t want to burn yourself or cause damage to the ear, am I right?

To get better results, shift the angle of the opening of your ear in order to allow the blow dryer’s warm air to enter and dry all the water in the ear canal.

how to get water out of your ear

2. Inhaling Steam

This is the answer to the question, how to get water out of your ear in the most natural way possible? What steam does is open up the Eustachian tubes which help in getting rid of water in ear immediately.

In fact, inhaling steam is one of the quickest ways to get water out of your ear. Heat does the job of softening ear wax, which enables the quick and easy flow of water from your ears. So just like you use steam to clear your blocked nose, you can do the same for the ears.

how to get water out of your ear


3. Using Vinegar and Alcohol Eardrops

Among the simplest ways to get water out of your ear, using vinegar and alcohol is the most effective. All you need to do is take a tablespoon of both white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and create a mixture. Pour this liquid into an ear dropper and squeeze only a few drops into the ear. I would recommend only 3 to 4 drops.

Now what the solution does is first soak up all the water in your ear canal, thanks to the rubbing alcohol. While the white vinegar destroys all the bacteria found in the ear, which helps in eliminating the risk of any sort of ear infection.

Ear Care & Treatments : How to Use Alcohol to Clean Out Earwax?

4. Using Hydrogen Peroxide Eardrops

To get water out of your ear in the safest and most effective manner? The answer is simple; use hydrogen peroxide ear drops. Hydrogen peroxide has a very effervescent quality, which helps in getting rid of any trapped liquid or debris found in the ear canal.

All you have to do is squeeze at least 3 to 4 drops of less than 3 percent of this effervescent fluid into your ear. And in about a minute or two you will feel the water trickling out of your ear once you tilt your head.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution to Clean Your Ears

5. Yawning or Chewing Gum

how to get water out of your ear

If you want to get water out of your ear in the most effortless manner, then either yawning or chewing gum is going to do the trick for you. Because both yawning and chewing gum are movements of the mouth that help in opening up the Eustachian tubes.

Let me explain a little in detail so that you understand it in a much better manner. Mouth motions such as yawning and chewing gum cause the temporomandibular joint to generate some pressure around the middle region of your ears.

And this pressure buildup tends to stretch out your ear canal, pushing any unwanted liquid out of the ear. Pretty neat, isn’t it? That is why yawning or chewing gum is considered to be one of the easiest ways to get water out of your ear.

Water’s out, right? So that’s a wrap!

The kind of risk that you will be putting your ear through by keeping all that water trapped inside or simply waiting for more time than you normally should for the water to drain on its own is something that might lead to a serious infection.

So if you want to get water out of your ear immediately and in the most effective manner, then try any one of the following home remedies. And if after trying all these ways to get water out of your ear, you still don’t achieve a positive outcome then it’s best to consult a doctor immediately.

These home remedies ensure that your ear is water-free as well as infection-free. But please note that if you are suffering from any of the following conditions, then the use of vinegar along with alcohol and the use of hydrogen peroxide should be eliminated.

  • If you already have developed an ear infection.
  • If your eardrums or Eustachian tubes are damaged or punctured.
  • If you have perforated eardrums or Eustachian tubes.

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