How To Put A Line On A Baitcaster Even As A Beginner?

When working with a baitcaster reel, you need to know that it’s not like a close faced or spinning reel. What I mean to say is that it demands more practice. Spooling a new line on a baitcaster requires you to know how to install the line correctly. Failing to do so tends to jeopardize the smoothness of the reel. So in this article, I’m going to discuss how to put a line on a baitcaster.

You also have to make it a point to keep a check on the line and change it frequently. And that’s because factors like sun, heat, and catching fish tend to interfere with the line’s strength. When this happens, you have to deal with tangles and backlashes.

How to put a line on a baitcaster

What you should know about baitcaster

If you’re a beginner, then I won’t disagree when you say that it’s difficult to work with a baitcaster reel. But you should also know that practice is essential when you want to master something. With consistent practice, even a challenging task becomes easier to handle. And this applies to using a baitcaster as well.

In fact, many people prefer the baitcaster reel as it reduces stress and time allocation. It also makes the whole process much smoother.

But don’t think for a second that the baitcaster reel doesn’t have any drawbacks. The only problem with it is that the line tends to get tangled quite easily when not placed correctly. But you can resolve this issue by learning how to put a line on a baitcaster.

Before we get into that, let me tell you something that you already probably know. Once you cast the baitcaster reel, the spool tends to rotate too, right? Such a tool is suitable for adding more precision to your work.

Now, let’s get to the point!

How to Put a Line on a Baitcaster?

How to put a line on a baitcaster

Once you know how to do this properly, you can say goodbye to snapped lines. Seasoned anglers have a habit of replacing baitcaster lines before every fishing season. But if you’re not one of them, then that’s okay too. Because with these simple instructions, you can get the job done even when you’re on the trail. 

1.The First Step

You can start by threading that line through those wire guides located on the rod and the reel. Please ensure that you don’t miss even a single line guide. Otherwise, the fishing line gets subjected to added stress.

2.Time to Attach that Line

You can do so with the help of the arbor knot.

3.The Important Step

For this, you might require additional hands. Put a screwdriver or pencil through the spool’s eye. At this point, tell someone to hold both the sides.

Please remember that spooling the baitcaster requires you to ensure that the fishing line leaves the spool and enters the reel in the similar direction.

4.Reel the Line

Now it’s time for you to reel in that line. During retrieval, use the opposite thumb and index finger to apply some pressure on top of the line. This helps in making the line tight and straight.

5.The Final Step

Filling the spool is what you need to do in the end. Fill until the spool is one-eighth of an inch from above. And that’s about it!

Fishing for Beginners – How to Put Line on a Baitcaster?

How to Spool a Baitcaster with Braid?

How to put a line on a baitcaster

Now that you know how to spool a baitcaster evenly, it’s time to find out the correct way to work with a braid. You cannot install a braid directly on any fishing reel. And that’s because braids don’t offer traction, so they easily slide around the fishing spool.

1.The First Step

Follow the instructions listed above with the monofilament type fishing line until the spool has a backing.

2.Attach the Line

Now you can connect this line with a braid using the double or single uni-knot.

3.The Final Steps

Again, tell someone to hold the spool before applying tension on that line using your index finger and thumb.

Then you begin the process of reeling. Fill that spool until it reaches the one-eighth of an inch mark. And now you’re ready for your fishing adventures!


Now that you know how to put a line on a baitcaster, it’s time to catch a lot of fish. 

The process of spooling a baitcaster is not easy, but the task is not impossible either. As a beginner, you might find it challenging at first. But if you make it a point to practice consistently, the task tends to get easier and quicker.

With one fish, you can feed yourself for a single day. But once you learn how to fish, you can feed yourself for an entire lifetime.

So tell me, do you know how to spool a conventional reel? Did you follow the instructions discussed above?

Please let me know all about your thoughts and feedback. You can drop in your comments in the section below.

I hope the article was entertaining and informative. Don’t forget to share the content if you found it useful.

Thank you for reading. And have a great day with all the fish!

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