How To Choose Best Arrows For Compound Bow?

Without a perfect arrow, your bow is of no use. Hunting lovers often struggle with finding the best arrows for their bows.

There are endless choices of arrows among which only a few are remarkable.

It might be a bit challenging to pick the best arrows for compound bow. Whether you are a novice or a professional, choosing the perfect arrows will give you a better hunting experience.

In this article, I have enlisted all important points to be kept in mind while buying arrows, which will make your work easier. You will get a crystal clear idea about the properties your arrows must possess.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Arrows for Compound Bow

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What to look for The best arrows for compound bow?

Give below are few features which will educate you to pick the perfect bows. I have mentioned simple points which give you an idea of a perfect bow. No need to spend weeks on books, instead go through the following points:

Know your Draw Length

The draw length of the compound bows should be known while buying arrows. The arrows bought with the knowledge of the draw length seem to deliver accurate results in most of the cases.

Pick the Perfect Arrow Length

Earlier, choosing the length of the arrows was somewhat complicated, but nowadays, the process has become easier. The advancement in technology and improved designs has made things easier.

First of all, you need to know the draw length of the bow. Now, to the draw length add 0.5” to 1” as per your needs to get the arrow length.

How to Determine a Proper Arrow Length for a Compound Bow?

Weight of the Arrows Must Also be Considered

The weight is also an important factor which needs to be considered while buying arrows. The weight may vary as per your needs:

  • For target practicing, the weight must vary between 5 and 6 grains for one pound draw weight. Hence, if your bow’s weight is 60 lbs, you must choose the arrows weighing 300 to 360 grains.
  • For hunting, arrows between 6 and 8 grains for one pound draw weight must be considered.

Now, you can assume the arrow weight if you know your bow’s weight.

The Spine of Arrows

The spine of the arrows is an important property, which must be focused on while choosing arrows for your compound bows. There are reasons why I did not discuss spine earlier:

  • Learning about spine is a time taking procedure.
  • Arrows produced by different manufacturers have different values which confuse the customers most of the time.
  • The spine of arrows is not mentioned by the manufacturers.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy the best arrows for compound bow, do not worry about the spine. Once you are into this field and have better knowledge about hunting, you can go for arrows with a better spine.

Tips for Buying Arrows for Compound Bow?​

Top 5 arrows for compound bows

We have listed below the best arrows for compound bow which give you an exciting hunting experience.

1. I-sport 32" Fiberglass Target Hunting Arrows with Screw-in 100 Grain Broadheads for Compound Bow or Traditional Bow 6pcs by ISPORT

I-sport 32" Fiberglass Target Hunting Arrows

I-Sport has launched the best archery arrows which can be used for hunting with compound and traditional bows. The fiberglass hunting arrows have uniquely crafted body and sharp broadheads which hunt the target better.

The shaft of this arrow has incorporated the technology of rolling shaft which makes it stable. These arrows are long-lasting and accurate. The shots made by these arrows are fast, steady and precise.

The arrow tips are changeable and made of steel for durability. They are precise and are meant for long lasting hunting practice. The performance is appreciable in the case of compound bows of 55 lbs.

Apart from compound bows, these arrows can also be used in other archery and recurve bows. Hence, it is worth investing your hard earned money in these fiberglass hunting arrows.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of this product.

We Like

  • Delivers faster shots with accuracy.
  • The arrow tips are made of steel for better hunting.
  • ​Fiberglass arrows are durable.
  • ​Can be used by almost all the bows used in archery.
  • Target practice can be done efficiently

We Don't Like

  • The arrow tips are harder.
  • They do not last longer if you hunt regularly.

2. Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Carbon Arrows with 2" Assault Vanes, 6-Pack, Mossy Oak Brush Pattern by Carbon Express (Editor's Choice)

Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Carbon Arrows

Carbon Express has produced a remarkable product in the market which is known as PileDriver Bufftuff Hunter Arrows. No other arrow can kill the target like these arrows. Carbon Express has induced all the latest technologies in this arrow to make them an efficient hunting weapon.

These arrows feature a built-in forward weight technology which offers superior accuracy to the arrows. They have been laser checked for their accuracy and straightness. Therefore, your shots will never be unsuccessful if you chose these arrows.

The brush pattern of these arrows by Mossy Oak is known for their consistency and durability. They are camouflaged to match with any environment. These arrows are worth buying as they possess all the features which allow the hunters to shoot well.

We Like

  • Consistent and can penetrate deep into the target’s body.
  • The kinetic energy of these arrows is sufficient enough for hunting.
  • ​These arrows fly a considerable distance for shooting the targets.
  • They are known for their straightness.

We Don't Like

  • With multiple broadheads, these arrows do not shoot effectively.

3. 1 Dozen Prunus Fixed Tips Fiberglass Arrows 31 inch with Adjustable Nocks and Green Orange Vanes as Targeting Practice Hunting Arrows for Recurve and Compound Bows by Prunus

1 Dozen Prunus Fixed Tips Fiberglass Arrows 31 inch

Prunus which is expanded as “Pleasure Run Us” is a renowned producer of high-quality arrows which shoot the target precisely and accurately. These target hunting fiberglass arrows by Prunus allow the hunters to enjoy a successful hunting. Investment in these arrows will undoubtedly give you a better hunting experience.

Since they have adjustable knocks, they can be used with any bows including compound and recurve bows. The knocks can be adjusted as per your needs they can be twisted and replaced or removed if not needed. These arrows are durable as we have used them for a long time and they are still functional.

These arrows are accurate and shoot the targets accurately. Prefer these arrows for their fast delivery and powerful attacks.

We Like

  • Adjustable knocks for your choice.
  • 31 mm length and 8 mm diameter to hit the target well
  • ​Perfect for target practice
  • Versatile as it can be used with any bow

We Don't Like

  • They are suitable for bows with draw weights 40 to 60 pounds only

4. AC 12x New Carbon Arrows 31"80(cm) Spine 500 Archery Arrows Shaft Target Practice & Screw Tips by AC Archery

AC 12x New Carbon Arrows 31"80(cm) Spine 500 Archery Arrows

AC Archery is known for producing great quality products which allow the customers to have an enjoyable hunting experience. The Carbon Archery Arrows produced by AC is a renowned product as these arrows can fulfill all your desires with their exclusive features.

The weight of this arrow matches well with your bow. The spine is also consistent to allow you to shoot your targets better. The straightness of these arrows is also appreciable, and you can hit the target with good intensity.

These arrows can be used for practicing or also for hunting. They are durable and can be utilized as many times possible. They fit well with the compound and recurve bows and shoot the targets with full force.

It is wiser to invest in these quality arrows which are long lasting. Before you place your order, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this arrow.

We Like

  • Arrow weight is perfect for hunting.
  • Can be used with all compound and recurve bows
  • ​Long lasting and can be utilized for both huntings as well as practicing.
  • 31 inches long and 7. 8 mm diameter, to penetrate into the target’s body well.

We Don't Like

  • They are somewhat fragile and may degrade after some time.

5. [Hunting Arrows]M.A.K 30-Inch 7.8mm Outer Diameter Pure Carbon Outdoor Archery Practice Hunting Arrows with Replaceable Hunting Broadhead for Compound & Recuve Bow(Pack of 12) by M.A.K.

M.A.K 30-Inch 7.8mm Outer Diameter Pure Carbon Outdoor Archery Practice Hunting Arrows

M.A.K. has produced these arrows which can be used for training as well as outdoor hunting. These arrows are made of aluminum and can be used with compound bows, recurve or long bows of draw weight between 40 to 60 pounds.

They are properly prepared and are durable. They shoot the targets precisely. The arrow tips are made of steel for a shooting the targets with force. The nocks and the tips are adjustable and can be replaced as per your needs.

The impeccable quality and exclusive features of these arrows allow you to have a great hunting experience.

We Like

  • They are precise and durable.
  • They can be used as practice as well as hunting arrows.
  • ​They are strong and come with adjustable nocks.
  • Made of good quality material.

We Don't Like

  • Shooting against a wall may damage the arrows.


I hope the guide will be of great help to you if you want to buy the best arrows for the compound bow. The Best Arrow by Carbon Express according to me is the best product as it possesses all the features required to enjoy this beautiful sport. They are fast, forceful and accurate.

Remember, at the end, it is your decision, but it is important to look for all the required properties in the arrows you buy. Start shooting and know more about arrows and archery.

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