Best Longboard Bearings | Our Buyer’s Guide

Longboarding is a sport that depends on the kind of bearings you use it. If you’re an enthusiastic longboarder, then you know what we’re talking about, don’t you?

Bearings have the ability to either break or make your ride. With the best longboard bearings, the ride is as bright as a sunny day.

But with a cheap set, it can get really dark.

Bearings are now created for particular purposes like carving, bombing, or just riding. And manufacturers who have finally understood this are the ones that are cherished by most riders. Buying the right kind of bearings can give you the ride that you want. Period.

So let’s make sure that you end up choosing the best set that suits your needs the most.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Longboard Bearings


Longboard Bearings

Our Rating


Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

(Our Choice)

Dark Wolf 1 Set of Skateboard Bearings

Dark Wolf 1 Set of Skateboard Bearings

VXB 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings

VXB 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings

NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

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The best longboard bearings on the market

The seven top choices discussed below have the most excellent overall value. We have not tried to concentrate on any specific kind of rider. The list contains the best longboard bearings suitable for the broader audience.

So let’s get started right away!

1.Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings – The Best High-Performance Longboard Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

When Longboard Bearings are Skate Rated in all aspects, you know they’re good. The Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings have an excellent Skate Rated tolerance level. They are made from high-quality materials to offer the best performance.

You will be glad to know that the nylon-equipped ball retainer is responsible for providing high speed. It also adds more strength to the whole experience. The single rubber shield is easily removable. This feature is useful in reducing friction and making the cleaning process easier.

The only problem with them is that they require constant cleaning and maintenance. This can cause a certain amount of inconvenience in the long run.

We Like

  • They are moisture and dirt resistant.
  • The bearings roll smoother, faster, and longer.

We Don’t Like

  • They are not easy to maintain.

Bones Bearings Public Service Announcement

2.Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings – The Fastest Spinning Longboard Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

You will not find longboard bearings that spin any faster than the Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings. With such a quality, you also get better distance. And we all know how valuable longer spinning is.

The Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings go a LONG way in reducing friction as well. But this comes at a cost. They tend to produce more noise.

The best part about these bearings is that they come with a weatherproof seal. This component makes them tough enough to withstand harsh conditions. And their ABEC Tolerance rating is 9, which means better speed.

We Like

  • They come with a protection seal to provide maximum durability.
  • The bearings spin longer.

We Don’t Like

  • They are noisy.

3.Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings – The Best Durable Longboard Bearings (Our Choice)

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

Many features of the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings are responsible for their longer lifetime value. For one, high-quality materials are used to manufacture these longboard bearings. They have an excellent waterproof capacity. These features add maximum durability to the experience.

The Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings are light in weight. But it doesn’t mean that their ceramic balls are anything short of hard and strong. These bearings have a ball retainer made of nylon that generates high speed. Such a feature also contributes to adding greater strength.

The one and only drawback of the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings is that they are dry. This leads to poor spinning capability. And that’s never a good idea, isn’t it?

We Like

  • They have a smooth and quiet working mechanism.
  • The bearings are easy and convenient to clean.

We Don’t Like

  • They don’t have an excellent spinning quality.

Bones Bearing Cleaning

4.Dark Wolf 1 Set of Skateboard Bearings – The Best Entry-Level Longboard Bearings

Dark Wolf 1 Set of Skateboard Bearings

The reason why the Dark Wolf Skateboard Bearings are an ideal choice for beginners is that they are affordable and durable. They are constructed using chrome steel. Do you know what this means? It implies that the bearings are stainless, dust and wear-resistant, and anti-corrosive.

Even though they tend to roll easily, they don’t offer an extended spin. And this can be quite disappointing sometimes. But the two valuable features make up for such a flaw. These features are spacers and washers. And what they do is make your riding experience better. In fact, spacers tend to reduce friction so that you can enjoy a smoother ride.

We Like

  • They can function even without real lubricants.
  • The bearings tend to roll well without producing any noise.

We Don’t Like

  • They offer an inconsistent spin.

5.VXB 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings – The Best Longboard Bearings for Easy Riders

VXB 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings

The most striking aspect of the VXB 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings is that they are double shielded. This means better riding experience. The bearings have the capacity to support spread-out loads. And this doesn’t have any negative impact on the high speed that they have to offer. So that’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The double-shielded quality helps in keeping the lubricants inside and the contaminants outside. What you might not like is the poor durability factor of the bearings. The VXB 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings may not be perfect in that department. But they have the ability to offer the best performance for entry-level riding.

We Like

  • They produce a quiet and smooth rotation.
  • The bearings are multipurpose.

We Don’t Like

  • They are not built to stand the test of time.

6.NEAL Precision Skate Bearings – The Best Ceramic Longboard Bearings

NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

The NEAL Precision Skate Bearings consist of high-grade balls with a clean, polished finish. The retainer of the nylon ball is responsible for adding speed and strength to your ride. They are the kind of bearings that rank the highest in all aspects of features and performance.

The NEAL Precision Skate Bearings are equipped with a low viscosity. This feature is what makes the bearings so fantastic. But there’s a slight problem with such a characteristic. Low viscosity tends to compromise the durability of longboard bearings. But this can be dealt with by using the right type of lube to clean as well as fix them.

We Like

  • The bearings offer tons of stability and speed.
  • The ceramic structure makes the ride incredibly smooth.

We Don’t Like

  • Durability depends on the users’ riding skills.

7.Bones Bearings Reds Bearings – The Bonus Pick

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings are considered to be the best options on the market. These, in particular, are regarded as one of the most preferred choices. They are pre-lubricated and have a shield made of rubber. Such features make the cleaning process easier and reduce friction.

You will also appreciate the high strength construction of the bearings’ inner track. It’s made of nylon to allow the wheels to spin faster. On top of that, the addition of spacers is an excellent choice. Because what they do is make your ride smoother and quieter.

The only letdown is that the shields tend to fall off quite often. This causes the bearings to slow down due to the presence of dirt.

We Like

  • The bearings come with removable covers for easy maintenance.
  • They roll smoothly.

We Don’t Like

  • The speed of the bearings is not satisfactory.

Longboard Bearings – buying Guide

Now that you know what the best longboard bearings are. So Let’s move on to finding out how they made it to the top. Knowing what a bearing is and what it does is a significant step. It helps in deciding what factors to look for to select the best longboard bearings in the industry.

But before we get into that, you should know this. Longboard Bbearings and skateboard bearings are one and the same. Both function well on the two different styles of boards. The only difference is that longboarding requires bearings that don’t generate too much friction.


What are Bearings? (Everything You Need to Know about Them)

A bearing is attached to your longboard’s wheel and truck. It is responsible for keeping the wheels in motion and the trucks stationary. It contains very small steel balls that work on the circular track located inside the bearing. One side is attached to your longboard’s truck. While the wheel connects to the bearing part.


Did you know that bearings come in sets? And why?Because it takes two bearings for a single wheel to move. That’s why you get a set of 8 bearings.

This gear is manufactured in one standard size only. So it fits inside any wheel. But you should know the good ones from the bad.

When using the best longboard bearings, you won’t even know that they exist. What we mean to say is that they enable the wheels to move as consistently and smoothly as possible. And the chances of replacing these bearings often are pretty low.

While in the case of bad bearings, your ride tends to produce more friction. With a set of cheap bearings, the wheels tend to rotate at different rates.

Every best option on the market comes with its lubricant. This keeps the bearings from squeaking. You should also know that replacing them once in a while improves the smoothness and quality of the ride. So don’t just fix the new bearings and forget to replace them for months.

Since we’re talking about replacing them, know this. Changing the bearings is a process that takes not more than 30 minutes. It may seem like a lot of time. But it’s worth every minute of it when you notice significant improvements in your ride.

Factors to Consider When Buying Longboard Bearings

1. The ABEC Rating System

The level of longboard bearings’ tolerance is described with the help of the ABEC rating. Higher tolerance equals larger RPM (revolution per minute). The five scores of the rating system are 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1 (with 9 being the highest). This is an important factor if you want to buy the best longboard bearings.



You should know that the ABEC scale is not considered to be the standard measurement of tolerance if the bearings can accelerate or spin faster.

So it doesn’t mean that a bearing with a tolerance score of 5 is not as high in performance like the one with a score of 7. And that is why many reliable manufacturers hand down their particular classifications.

2. Bearing Spacers


Spacers are a part of all longboard bearings sold on the market. They are responsible for keeping the balls within the grooves. You can tighten the valuable axle nuts with the help of these spacers.

They also make the spinning of the wheels quieter and smoother. In fact, spacers are key components in reducing friction and increasing smoothness and speed.

3. Bearing Lubrication

Maintaining resistance is the primary job of longboard bearings. And they can do so more efficiently if the lubricant used is of high quality. A lubricant that works well with the bearings’ material gives you a smoother ride.

You need to understand that bearings created with the best components don’t need regular replacement. But proper maintenance is essential.

How to Clean Longboard Bearings?​

The information provided in this longboard bearings guide is important for you to remember. Buying one of the best picks is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and energy to choose a set that suits your riding skills the most.

So you can go through the longboard bearings guide once again just to make sure that you didn’t miss out on anything important.

The Final Note and Recommendation

The longboard bearings discussed in the article are the best options in the industry. Some of them are perfect for heavy-duty riding. While some are ideal for the casual rider.

Our team of researchers made it a point to include the ones that are suitable for all skill levels. But if you‘re a beginner and want to start off with something that’s easy going, then you can pick the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings.

These best longboard bearings are both durable and affordable. They consist of lightweight ceramic balls. Despite being light in weight, the bearings are hard and strong enough. And they are waterproof too.

You will love how easy it is to clean them. Thanks to the removable shield made of rubber. Since they have a rubber construction, the bearings offer less friction. And the best part about them is that they come pre-lubricated.

So there’s nothing that will come in the way of your smooth ride when using the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings.

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