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Putting together a proper shooting system requires you to spend both your time and effort in researching different scopes and rifles. Now, these may be bigger pieces of equipment to buy, but that doesn’t make the smaller gear obsolete or any less valuable. In this case, we’re specifically talking about the best scope rings.

A scope ring is a circular clamp that connects the scope to the rifle with the help of mounting bases. High-quality scope rings keep the unit properly attached to your weapon so you can achieve maximum accuracy.

Even the most expensive scopes will not be able to perform well if the scope rings are not up to the mark. And dealing with target inconsistency or an unreliable zero is not something you, as an enthusiastic shooter, enjoy, right?

So it’s time to change that with the help of these seven best options discussed below.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Scope Rings



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Burris Scope Mount

Burris Scope Mount

American Defense Riflescope Optic Mount

American Defense Riflescope Optic Mount

Nikon Riflescope Picatinny Mount

Nikon Riflescope Picatinny Mount

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

UTG Picatinny QD Rings

UTG Picatinny QD Rings

(Our Top Choice)

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

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best scope rings

The Best Scope Rings: 7 Top Recommendations

Mounts, bases, and rings are the most difficult products to purchase online. Thanks to the sea of options are now available in the industry. And to add to that, considering the different price ranges can also make the buying process more confusing.

But these are factors you don’t need to worry about anymore. Simply go through the seven shortlisted scope rings discussed in this section and all your confusion will melt away.

1.Burris Scope Mount – The Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting

Burris Scope Mount

When it comes to long distance aiming, there’s nothing better than the Burris 410341 AR PEPR 30-mm Scope Mount. It comes with a full base and ring design. It is 100% waterproof, and we all know how beneficial that can be, right?

You will also be glad to know that the scope mount offers as much as 2 inches for forwarding positioning of the scope. The Picatinny, smooth scope ring tops along with the useful detach mounting feature offer tons of versatility. So now you know why these are considered to be the scope rings.

The six screws give you a reinforced base, thus eliminating any problems related to stability. But the real issue lies with the weight of the mount. It may be slightly on the heavier side for some people.

We Like

  • Easy installation.
  • It offers excellent sight alignment.

We Don’t Like

  • The mount’s cross-bolts are not strong enough.
  • It adds excessive weight to the gun.


2.American Defense Riflescope Optic Mount – The Best High-Quality Mount with Scope Rings

American Defense Riflescope Optic Mount

The unit consists of a unique auto lock system with a lever that you can easily configure to the rear or the front. And that’s the most impressive feature of the American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Riflescope Optic Mount.

In fact, the cantilever component offers excellent eye relief by appropriately adjusting the scope to the correct forward position. You will love how easy the mount is to adjust even with a single finger. At the same time, it’s strong enough to offer sufficient rail grip.

Returning to zero after repeated dismounting or prolonged use is not a matter of concern. It’s the tight adjustment of the mount that might give rise to some trouble. It tends to ruin the finish and bite into the rail.

We Like

  • The mount’s quick release system operates smoothly.
  • Its tension adjustment features are easy to work with.

We Don’t Like

  • The side cams cause damage to the mount when tightened.

3.Nikon Riflescope Picatinny Mount – The Most Reliable Two-Piece Mount with the Best Scope Rings

Nikon Riflescope Picatinny Mount

Nikon has given us many versatile options across a broad range of products. And the Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount is no exception. You can easily use these scope rings with your AR rifle. And not just that, the mount is also suitable for flat-topped Picatinny rails of MSR rifles.

The mount’s forward positioning is what you might appreciate the most. It provides you with ample eye relief. On top of that, the lightweight yet strong alloy construction adds more years to the life of the scope rings.

So durability and functionality are pretty much covered. The actual problem lies with the fact that the mount is too low. So this might distort your view when using an AR rifle.

We Like

  • The scope rings provide an incredibly stable platform.
  • The adjustment feature for eye relief makes the experience more convenient.

We Don’t Like

  • Due to quality control issues, one or both rings might not fit even standard rails.
  • It is not high enough to provide a clear view with an AR.

Nikon P-Series AR Riflescopes

4.Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings – The Best Affordable Scope Rings for Both Weaver and Picatinny Rails

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

This is the best one piece scope mount in the industry. And that too with a cost-friendly price tag. The UTG 1”/2PCs High Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD Rings have a one-inch diameter with a valuable polymer tape lining to offer maximum scope protection.

The strong Picatinny grooves located above the mount’s rings give you the opportunity to use more QD attachments.

Even though the scope rings are cheaper in price, they have a high-quality aluminum construction. This makes them one of the best competitors on the market. The only part that’s slightly disappointing is the mount’s adjustment screw. It tends to loosen up quite often.

We Like

  • Since the scope rings are lightweight, they are suitable for heavier platforms.
  • They have the ability to hold zero even after multiple detachments.

We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to install.
  • The adjustment latches don’t offer a secure fit.

6.Burris Mount – The Best Tactical Mount with Scope Rings

Burris Mount

The Burris 410344 AR-PEPR 1-Inch Mount is the kind of unit that comes with none other than Picatinny tops. This makes it the best choice for tactical shooting situations. So you get the opportunity to add lasers, red dot, illuminators, and lights as well.

The two levers have a quick detach quality. This is useful for easily changing optics or switching to an iron right while also holding zero.

The high-quality design goes a long way in adding durability to the scope rings. The only thing that you might not like is the unnecessary weight. But this is something that many shooters tend to get used to after a few uses.

We Like

  • Installing the scope rings is an easy task.
  • Flexible mount with a rock solid construction.

We Don’t Like

  • They add excessive weight to the gun.

Burris Tactical

7.Nikon M-223 XR Mount – The Best Durable Mount with Scope Rings

Nikon M-223 XR Mount

The Nikon-M-223-XR-Mount fits on Picatinny rails as well as flat-topped AR platforms. What’s even better is the fact that these scope rings are suitable for long distance shooting. And this is the reason why they help in maximizing elevation.

The use of lightweight yet durable alloy material makes the mount sturdy enough to withstand the harshest conditions. Plus, it doesn’t add any excessive weight to your rifle.

But as is the case with every pair of scope rings, this one too has a tiny flaw. The mount fails to give you optimal height above the top part of the rail.

We Like

  • The strong scope rings can handle heavy-duty recoil.
  • The MOA incline minimizes turret adjustment required for long distances.

We Don’t Like

  • The adjustment screws are a tad too short.
  • The mount doesn’t offer enough height for long range aiming.

Nikon Video – Mounting your Riflescope

Scope Rings – Buying Guide

Now that you know all about the top choices, it’s time to find out what a scope ring is and how to choose the best scope rings on the market.

To begin with, you should know that there are only two kinds of rings. These are horizontal split and vertical split scope rings. The latter is comparatively stronger because both halves of the scope ring connect directly to the base of the scope. But these types of rings are relatively more challenging to install.

As with a horizontal split scope ring, its bottom half screws directly into the scope’s base. And its top half clamps down on top of the scope.

These two halves are secured with the help of at least six screws. Allen-head, Torx, and slotted are the three different types of screws used for this purpose. The Torx screws are the most reliable ones.

What we’ve discussed above are standard rings. You will also come across tactical scope rings. What these do is maintain zero permanently. This eliminates the trouble of having to re-zero the scope after taking it off.

Tactical scope rings have a stronger and sturdier design. So this makes them more suitable for hunters who use large, heavy scopes.

best scope rings

What is the Correct Height for Scope Rings?

The answer depends on the size of your scope. The goal is to mount the scope very close to the gun’s barrel. A larger and more powerful scope requires taller scope rings to obtain a proper height.

When the scope is too high, it affects not only your line of vision but also the accuracy. And if the scope rings are lower than they should be, the scope tends to strike the gun’s barrel even before you’ve secured it to the rings.

More often than not, the correct scope ring height is considered to be a major factor. You should also know that the base’s size contributes to every scope’s overall height. So it’s important to take that into consideration.

Another equally significant characteristic is the actual ring clearance. Because not all manufacturers use the same measurement standards.

Choosing the Scope Ring Material

When it comes to materials for bases and scope rings, there are many options to select from. These include alloys, aluminum, and steel.

Other materials such as sintered steel and zinc alloy are cast before getting machined to proper specification. But they don’t require too much machining. And it’s because of this factor that sintered steel and zinc alloy are comparatively cheaper in price than aluminum or steel. But the price isn’t always the deciding factor now, is it?

On the other hand, aluminum, solid steel, and high-quality alloy demand more machining to make them stronger in nature. The most popular choice out of the three was solid steel. But now titanium alloy and aluminum rings also offer the same kind of strength. The only difference is that steel is relatively heavier.

The Final Recommendation

Now that you’ve gone through all the seven reviews and the guide, you might have a better understanding about scope mounts. There are many different systems to use, aren’t there? And these are suitable for Weaver or Picatinny rails or both.

So while deciding what to buy, you should keep in mind the size of the scope rings. They need to have the correct dimensions to fit your rails. Failing to do so might ruin the accuracy of your shots.

But when it comes to the best scope rings, you can concentrate on getting better at long distance shooting. And practicing more often at the range with the UTG 1”/2PCs High Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD Rings helps in achieving that goal.

These scope rings have an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy design. This makes them affordable and durable at the same time. The fully adjustable, robust quick detach lever fits on all types of Picatinny rails.

On top of that, the synthetic tape wrapped around the scope rings offers maximum scope protection. The two most impressive parts are the tight control for tolerance and the repeatable locking system. These features go a long way in enhancing the re-zero performance. And we all know how beneficial that can be, right?

So now is the time to make your decision and buy your favorite pair of scope rings!

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